Case Study – WESTON

When the city of Weston Florida wanted to upgrade their 30 public bathrooms to a total new modern 21st century look re-modelation ; they just couldn’t afford another typical ceramic or porcelain installation. The City wanted high end gorgeous bathrooms, appealing to the community, but The challenges of having over several thousands visitors per day forced them to look into a complete different direction of conventional tile surface covering. The need was for a stylish, superior and tough tile capable of outstand the wear of their park high demand.

The firm of Saltz Michelson Architects was reached by the City of Weston and they immediately proposed the city the possibility of using a new innovative porcelain panels called LAMINAM . Even though the concept of this panels was fairly new to U.S. the city for seed the properties of the LAMINAM PANELS and adopted the idea.

The WESTOM PARKS BATHROOMS RENOVATION PROJECT was bided out and awarded to Bejar Construction witch shortly hired us THE MIAMI FLOORS, BATH & VENEERS to be the designated tile contractor to take over such meticulous installation.

The job took over a year to complete 30 bathrooms in all of the Public City’s Parks. A 25 year full system warranty by LATICRETE was used to waterproof, float, and set the Laminam Panels along with the 24×24 inch porcelain tile.

A total of 17 ,OOO square feet of Laminam Panels, 17,000 linear feet of Schluter profiles and 10.000 square feet of floor porcelain tile 24×24, completed this beautiful installation, which is serving as a model for other municipalities to follow.