Case Study – Wall of Honor

What’s better than to honor our veterans on a place, monument or wall that is highly visited by manys daily? That exactly what the Miami International Airport did at one of its gates.

In conjunction with over a thousand square feet of absolute black marble slabs, ⅓ of the walls were decorated with night black LAMINAM panells. This job was delivered over night to accommodate for the high airport traffic.

Due to the size, color and position of the installation next to a floor to ceiling window; grout joints were installed at ⅛ of an inch and filled with soft one component grout from Custom building Products PRO FUSION.Each grout line surrounding each LAMINAM acts as a soft, expansion and contraction joint. The concept behind that application is to leave room for thermal expansion and contraction.

This Wall honoring Veterans of our nation’s wars is located at the Miami International airport gate number ????. Plaques with the Veterans names were placed over the Laminam and marble slabs. They are there for everyone to look at and remember our Nation’s Heroes. And The Miami Floors, Bath & Veneers will be always feel honored to have been part of our Heroes Wall Of Honor.