3 Tiling material to choose or skip in Laundry Room

Laundry room apart from the other rooms of the home isn’t a place to lay some kind of an expensive hardwood or carpeting flooring. Instead, laundry room flooring must withstand against the messy, wet conditions that were found mostly in the laundry rooms rather than other available rooms.
So, whatever the floor you have opted to install in the laundry room, it has to be resistive against the stain, heavy wear & tear, scuff etc, as well as being visually appealing too.

So in this post, we are going to discuss the most suitable 3 materials to choose for laundry room & 3 worst laundry room flooring material to skip.

But before we light up the possible best & worst flooring options for laundry room, firstly let discuss the attributes that every laundry room floor should have:

  • Highly Moisture & Stain resistant
  • Durable, Long last & aesthetic pleasing
  • Easy to Clean
3 Ideal flooring material for the laundry room:
  1. When it comes to choose the most sought of laundry room flooring material, Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is regarded as the top – notch quality material. LVT material consist with an multiple fused layers which indeed makes it highly anti moisture, humidity, and versatile. It also comes in number of patterns, designs, and colors combinations too. Other chracterstices that makes it an ideal mudroom or laundry room flooring material consist low cost & maintenance, chemical stain resistant, long life-span, and easy to replace etc.
  2. Ceramic flooring may be not the option that first tick in the mind but come it surely have attributes that made it an ideal laundry room flooring material. Apart, from its stunning beauty, water & slip resistance what makes it an standout material to select for is its durability. But, remember while cleaning the ceramic tiles grout lines can be act some down rank aspect. So, to solve it out choose the large format tiles with proper sealing & less visible grouting.
  3. Natural Stone material like marble etc, too can add an elegant & eco-friendly touch to floor as well as durability. But, its installation in the end can impact highly on wallet and also its post installation maintenance can also be costly.

Tip: You can also consider new flooring options too like COREtec.

3 flooring material to skip completely in laundry room:
  1. Carpet wall-to-wall installation surely can be relatively low as compared to other flooring materials. But when it comes to the laundry room it considers as the worst possible material to lay. Though it provides a warm & comfy underfoot experience its installation leads to many hidden problems. Like absorbs water easily which further requires consistent cleaning & maintenance. It’s water absorption tendency slowly leads to mold, stains, and unbearable smell in the air. So, carpet should not be installed in laundry or mudrooms.

Tip: Want to maintain the clean-ness of carpet flooring. (Check the tips here).

  1. Hardwood flooring by any means is the best interior flooring material by providing a rustic natural look thus makes it the suitable sought of amenities in the home. But the high risk of water damage & heavy appliances movement can further threaten its existence for longer times. So, hardwood flooring is not considered a valuable option in areas that are very prone to moisture like laundry rooms.
  2. Laminam flooring by far distance is regarded as the perfect flooring option until it gets in touch with the water. Thus, a laminate is not regarded as the ideal material for areas that are at risk of being in contact with water-related problems like leaks etc. Though this material may resist the water at some extent but, after some time (if water is not displaced from the surface) water will penetrate to its core & which indeed will damage an entire flooring structure. So, its installation requires careful monitoring over time.

Best Practice: You can put the rugs over the surface, that will provide flair to the overall design.

Conclusion: While installing flooring in laundry rooms, remember that the laundry room is a place that put under the excessive abuse of the machines.
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Checklist to Care your Marble Flooring

Marble, unlike the other material, is most popular within the homeowners because it has high durability rate along with varieties of patterns and colors. And it is without any doubt can clinch or match a look & design of any desire.

But, the question that bothers most of the homeowners is that What have to do to maintain its this longevity? And we believe there is certainly some DIY tips to which you have known to but what exact measurement you have to follow to maintain its shiny, clean look as well as protect it against any kind of potential damages.

And to help you out we got some essential caring tips, that we believe will certainly going to ensures that your floor stays at its place for many long years.

Marble by its nature considers as an anti-absorbent, but it can sometimes suck up the fluids which can indeed be going to put a permanent stain if lends to be there for long time (especially if fluids contain some kind of an acidic content). That’s why it is highly recommended by the professionals to clean the spills as soon as you noticed them in order to avoid any lasting damage.

  • While cleaning your marble, never go hard with the process. Because most of the times surface of marble got damaged by our own less awareness. So, don’t scrub them roughly because it can by far degree can damage its shining surface.

Tip: Don’t swipe its surface in circular or in a zig-zag way, instead go with traditional straight lining cleaning pattern.

  • To keep its surface from being dull, let use the rugs or mats etc, to prevent it from being extra rough by the coalition of sand & dust against the shoes. Do consider polishing your old marble because it can exceptionally bring back its natural look and even it can impact less on your pocket (Cut Down Renovation Cost).

Tip: This is not the move that you want to do as your own. So, get yourself advised from the professionals before implementing it.

  • If you want to solve your problems in one way then the most notch-able approach gets your marble floor well sealed. Sealing may provide extra protection against the most vulnerable factors like water & dust etc.

Tip: Only seal your marble flooring when it needs it. So don’t go for this method frequently.

Conclusion: One tip that surely gets inside your thoughts (by reading the above tips) is that marble, unlike the others materials, looks more sensitive. And to keep it from being damage you simply have to follow a daily clean schedule or get stick with the above-stated tips.
We hope we have done enough to let you know with the most genuine caring factors of marble & believe that the whole explained tips above can help you out in the end.

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Reasons to Avoid Luxury Vinyl (Tiles) Flooring in Homes

Vinyl Flooring from the quite some time gains intensive popularity within homeowners especially if they have plans to remodel their respective bathrooms & kitchens. The simple reason behind that this synthetic material has an ability to be highly resistible against the water, stain, and as well as provides the versatility & worth to money.
Vice-versa, the thing that offers some beneficial aspects surely contains some downwards aspects too and LVT flooring is no else the other entity. There is no doubt that LVT can embrace any flooring but it has some drawbacks which have to watch for.
But before we start evaluating its limitations, let’s take some a quick look to know what an LVT term really is.

Introduction of LVT Flooring:

Luxury Vinyl flooring, unlike its name, is the same as other vinyl materials (don’t get more involved the term Luxury) and the only difference it has from its siblings is that it is normally thicker than another type of vinyl flooring which leads it to replicate a look similar to stone or wood & combined well with the textures.
One of the most famous & popular types of it is in the form of tiles (LVT). Though, it also comes in two other types too like luxury vinyl planks (LVP) looks like wood and Engineered vinyl plank (EVP). They both have their separate characteristics to offer when installed.

But, we are going to discuss it’s most sought of type i.e. LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles). And before we reach to our this article topic, let discuss the advantages that an LVT offers:

  • Throughout its time-span, this flooring offers great stability. Thus, it is regarded as the top material to be used not only in residential areas but in commercial plots too.
  • As compared to an extensive installation & removal jobs of other material. It’s overall installation & maintenance cost is much inexpensive.

The above-discussed advantages are some of the basic of it as it has others too.

Now, gets back to our real conversation topic (as our title suggest) i.e. is the reasons or risks to avoid LVT while flooring your floor:
While a smooth look of luxury vinyl flooring without any denial is a positive point to look upon but this flooring has some serious installation & safety concerns. Like:

  • Unintentional slips are the main leading contenders which can cause big damage to walkers in homes or in offices etc. LVT has a tendency to be more slippery in nature rather than other materials, especially in wet times.
  • LVT floorings over time can release harmful gases like VOC’s which indeed result highly on living beings.
  • This type of material does not consider as an eco-friendly, not applicable for the wheelchairs and difficult to replace or remove (if an adhesive is used) thus marks it a one of the most damageable flooring material to choose. Aside from that, It can also can’t be refurbished. So, it is advised to keep it away from sharp edges of the objects.
  • There is a very high possibility that this material can fade away when got consistent interaction with the sunlight.
  • LVT flooring regardless their lifespan does not offer any real resale value to the home. Apart from that its installation requires extensive preparation planning.

Conclusion: Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring definitely have attributes that any homeowner generally seeks but its installation process has some serious queries that surely have to be answered.

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Why Select Soap-Stone as a Countertop Material

Looking to add new countertop in your kitchen. Then, a natural Soapstone can act as a countertop material you always wish for. Soapstone, as the name suggests, looks like soap because of the 50% involvement of talc in it hence, it is also knowable as steatite. Other minerals like chemical compounds of magnesium can also be involved too in order to provide more durability to the end product but stone with a high concentration of talc often known as “artistic soapstone” because meant to be more soft in nature & thus regarded as an ideal material to provide high-quality sculptors by the artists all over the world. And the material with less concentrating talc percentage is considered as much sought for an architectural or construction work.

But, we are not going to discuss it’s artistic attributes but instead, we are going to discuss what the use of it can bring to our kitchen. So, just take a quick look at why to use it as a countertop material? Take a deep insight below:

Pros of Soapstone Material:
  • Being a non-porous & much denser material, soapstone at very much extent remains stain-free throughout an entire life-cycle. It means if someone unintentionally spills some kind of an acidic fluid than they have nothing to worried off because such stains can simply be a swipe out from the surface even without leaving any kind of permanent mark.
  • Another advantage of it is that it serves as a great heating conductor material. Thus, you can put heating pans directly within the surface but, also remember it does not mean you have an authority to put it against any kind of excessive exposure to heat. So, avoid successive involvement with high temperature because it can indeed impact highly on its durability throughout the time.
  • Though it is regarded as very much an immune material against scratches or dents, unfortunately, if you get some of them accidentally then there is no reason to get hyper. Because such surfaces issues can easily be removed by sanding or by putting mineral oil on it. Thus, help you maintain its natural & classic look.
  • Unlike, other solid & natural surfaces, soapstone does not require any kind of sealing occasionally or seasonally which indeed means it requires less maintenance over time.

Tip: By reading above mentioned advantages it is very much obvious that many homeowners will find it the right material for their respective counter-tops. But, it does not mean that you don’t have to consider other possible options instead, we the best tile flooring Miami Florida contractors will suggest you select the material that you thought would be an ideal countertop material as well as also fulfill your required requirements.
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Best Surface Finishes of Natural Stone

Natural Stone seems to be every homeowner preferable tiling material. And there is a number of high-quality options available out in the market like marble, limestone, soapstone, Travertine etc. Regardless, much known-ness of various material availability for flooring many homeowners may be not familiar with finishing surfaces they can choose and how they differ from each other.
But to help you out we the best floor tile Miami professionals have summed up all the available finishing patterns under one roof. So, that you make up your mind with direct vision regarding all the possible patterns before going through any kind of flooring installation process:

Polished Surface:

A polished natural look is a popular choice due to their high-end gloss look. This surface particularly achieved by grinding the stone surface against the fine particles of diamonds compounds to get rid of the rough matte surface. The final outcome product will further be crystallized with acids to attain the mirror-like crystal clear looking effects. The whole process brings out a subtle beauty of the surface in composure, thus makes this surface ideal for interiors floorings.

Honed Surface:

It is a surface that has been ground to flat and soothe surface. But, this stone surface looks a little bit different from the polished one though it is created in a much similar way like the polished one. But the main attribute of this surface includes less glossy and reflective finish. So, this surface is advised to be placed in the areas that require a high degree of slip-resistance like in bathrooms.

Brushed Surface:

To complement the name, this surface is attained by brushing the surface against the brushes like steels or nylon brushes. The process includes consistently & gently rubbing of the surface with brushes until it gets textured surface that tends to be high resilience to scratches. But, this surface requires to properly seal off to make it stained free for longer times.

Tumbled Surface:

Tumbled stone finishing material remarkably used by the homeowners around the areas of the home to get a rustic & classic look. The tumbled/antique surface has smooth edging corners attained by vibrating it within the sand.

Tip: There are some other available surfaces too that can be considered at some extent like sandblasted, brush-hammered, and flamed etc because all these surfaces have different characteristics and can prove useful at different areas of the home as per specific requirements. So, some of the above-discussed surfaces may complement interiors or exteriors more and others like stairs etc,
But before choosing any of them, there are other considerations too that you have to watch out like intend fulfillment, design preferences, maintenance, and cost etc because all these factors will influence your final decision at a great level.

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Travertine Flooring Advantages and Disadvantages

The term “Travertine” is a white or light-colored calcareous limestone generally formed by being deposited over time mostly in hot springs, geysers, and get moved out to the ground through them literally. It has been used in building materials since from the ancient empires and even though we can look to the structures like the Colosseum. The known term “travertine” actually derived from word ‘travertino’ and also known as “Onyx” in many European regions. This tiling should have some ancient history to share but even today it remains a very popular flooring option for homeowners or builders and consistently used for facades, wall cladding, and flooring. But before its installation it is important to consider this material advantages and disadvantages so, you get a clear idea of why to choose it for flooring or why not?

Advantages of Travertine Flooring:
  • Travertine tiling is very durable material to choose for and can bear high traffic-load without actually be at risk of being damaged. It has a high measure of hardness (MOH) rating as compared to other available natural stones and indeed makes it ideal flooring option in places like hallways, countertops, and patio etc.
  • Travertine generally through the time regarded for its style, uniqueness, and beauty because it carries the luxuriousness of any natural stone which will also increase your home value too. Furthermore, travertine comes in a variety of shades and textures which make it a suitable choice if you are pursuing an aesthetic and rustic flooring look.
  • Travertine tile flooring also provides great versatility like the ability to withstand with fluctuating temperatures. Due to such properties, this tiling should easily be used for indoor and outdoor places like in pools, kitchens, and bathrooms.
  • Travertine tiles are very easy to care for because any damaged and broken travertine tile can easily be removed or replaced. This tiling material also has the potential to last for a number of upcoming years.
Disadvantages of Travertine Flooring:
  • One of the main downgrading factors of travertine tiling is that they require regular maintenance scrutiny to ensure they do not become stained because they are highly reactivated to acidic substances. So, even an unintentionally spill of an orange or lemon juice on it results could form a permanent stain. Similarly, like other natural stones, travertine is also tended to retain cold as well as heat, thus makes it chilly during winters. Due to such factors, it’s whole maintenance considered to be very complicated.
  • Travertine tiling can impact big on your wallet than other cheap options like vinyl and carpet. Besides, that in end you also have to spend on others tiling adhesives too like labor, grout etc.
  • This tile also tends to be heavy in nature than other natural stones. It’s this heaviness nature makes the installation process difficult and time-consuming indeed, results in driving up your overall project cost. Apart from that travertine also a brittle and prone to crack just like other limestones.

Tip: Travertine tiles like other natural stone can be a perfect tiling option for anyone. It generally comes with four finishes polished, honed, tumbled and brushed. There are a number of advantages a travertine floor have which makes it an ideal flooring option for kitchens, bathroom but you have to carefully consider all the aspects of it. And remember its eco-friendly nature, fairly low-maintenance and long-term durability surely makes it timeless flooring option for homeowners.
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