Why select Limestone for Countertops

Whenever we have to decide an ideal countertop material for a bathroom or for a kitchen, there exist numerous available options to weigh for and one should make a right move. Because a well-installed countertop material will act as a hallmark in your bathroom or in the kitchen. So, it is regarded as a nice move to do some initial brainstorming rather than regretting your decisions.
While there are lots of options to look for from natural stone to man-made stone. The one natural stone product whose popularity comprehensively escalates quickly in the trends is limestone.

The factor that plays a key role in its up-growing popularity are the attributes of it. Limestone natural elegance, neutral colors, patterns along with being economically achievable than other stones like travertine, marble makes it a right countertop material.
But as we know, each material has its pros & cons of what every homeowner should have to know.

And we notch up the most important advantages & disadvantages of limestone countertop material for you. Let’s take a brief look below:

Product forms of limestone – Limestone generally comes in three different forms:

  1. Slab: This material strategically used for the kitchen & bathroom countertops from ancient time. Though, its installation can impact highly on the bills.
  2. Tile: This material is more multipurpose in nature due to the availability of shapes & patterns. So this material can be used for indoors & outdoors too.
  3. Pavers: Being a wider & thick than the above-mentioned types it is regarded as the top material to lay in pavement areas.
Pros of limestone countertop material:
  • Limestone is regarded as the most astonishing natural stone material that ever exists. Its elegant & earthy vibe makes it a deserved candidate too, the hues & tones of it thus making it an ideal indoor material. Their subtle varying shades help them emulate any design & texture.
  • Its durability also makes escalates its popularity to a further extent, especially within the chefs. Some professional chefs also consider it worthy even against the man-made countertop materials like stainless steel.
  • One reason that pops up its popularity to new charts is its uniqueness. Each extracted slab of it looks different from each other.
Cons of limestone countertop material:
  • This material through-out the time required proper care & maintenance. Its major concentrating raw material includes Calcium Carbonate which makes it highly non-resistive against any sort of an acidic fluid. Thus need proper time to time cleansing.
  • Its porous nature will also make your job harder as you have expected and will easily lead its surface to get a niggle or scratch easily when exposed against the sharp objects.

Conclusion: There (without any doubt) exist a huge variety & patterns of limestone in the market. But before making up your mind also remember it has two selection criteria that have to address before are its durability & exposure level.
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Complete Guide to Clean Granite Countertops

Granite, if installed in an important manner without any doubt can add much needed natural spark to the countertops regardless of spaces where they are installed due to their abundance of natural patterns it offers. But, the main question that has to counter is how to maintain their such a luxurious look over time or is it simple or hard to maintain? Being a specialist tile flooring Miami Florida tiling professionals & on the back of our experience, we do believe that maintaining a natural look of granite is not going to be hard job to take care but can be tricky one instead.

When it comes to clean granite countertop on daily basis, it is easy but there exists some do’s and don’ts that you have to look for. So, we have got some tips that surely will help you maintain your granite countertops within a day in day out activities (Share itto let people know). Just, take a look below:

  • Being a natural material, Granite is porous in nature which means it is very much prone to the absorption. So, a little bit of unintentional dropping (especially in kitchens)of some kind of acidic liquids like lemon, orange, and vinegar etc, can be settled down quickly and hard to get rid off easily if remains there for a long time. So, it is highly advised to wipe such spills as soon. But, there is definitely exist a much sought-able remedy that all requires a subtle wiping by the lukewarm water and apply it gently with dish soap mixture against the surface.
  • Never ever used some synthetic chemical (i.e. so-called soft sellable cleaners available in the stores) to clear such stains or other methods like bleaching instead, all they are going to do complex a cleaning process rather than solving it. Because Granite is tumbled in nature thus never opt or get attracted to use harsh chemical compounds on a surface. So, all you have do is fetch some minutes from your routine and gently wipe the surface daily.

Extra Useful Tips: It is strongly recommended by the professionals to seal your countertop material whether it’s a marble, limestone, soapstone, and granite in order to avoid any kind of penetration. But Granite, unlike the other materials requires an annual sealing or may once in two or three years (as all depend upon the condition).
So, it is regarded as a nice move to seal your granite countertop before it gets any kind problem.
As mentioned above, never use any kind of an abrasive sponge and cleaning liquids on Granite countertop but in any case, there is an urgency to use such synthetic cleaners than only put your hands on safer or reliable manufacturer product only. And also prevent your surface well out the reach of hot utensils like pans.

Conclusion: You may hear a number of opinions or talking regarding what material or method going to be an ideal one for cleaning your countertop. But, believe us all you have to do is to establish a proper maintainability schedule if you are really want to avoid a future problem with your material.

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Mistakes to be Avoid Before & During Remodeling Job

Remodeling a home or an entire home identical to other property projects requires proper planning & execution. Because a full pledged planning implementation, in the end, has a big say to get a successful completion. But homeowners during remodeling jobs get so excited about their aspirations that they forget to look for the necessary & unnecessary precautions they have to consider before starting it.
So, there are some avoidable mistakes that when noticed properly can let you curb down implications during a remodeling job:

Ignoring the Main Factor – Budget:

Remodeling may seem like an exciting task but in order to get it right, you have to be more cautious about the term money. And it is highly recommended by all the contractors that to make your remodeling job a thumb-up one, you have to be within the touching distance of your financial resources. So, that you can spend wisely. Thus, it is essential to set aside a reasonable budget before implementing a job on paper.

Tip: Brace yourself for any kind of extra un-expected expenses.

Untidy Spending Structure:

While remodeling your home you have to closely monitor & to check where you are spending because it has to be in touching distance of your limits. Even some handful DIY may too help you out.

Inaccurate Specs:

During remodeling or renovating, an inch-perfect proper measurement is must able task to be done before starting. Because in this business a little-to-little margin of an error can scupper your entire planning. So, you should have prepared the overall project parameters in-check in a bid to get successful completion of a project.

Ignoring Professional Advise:

As said earlier, a budget & proper planning can be a big deciding factors. But, there is one more important factor that should be taking care seriously is professional contractor talk. Whether you admit or not but we all know that specialist contractors are can provide results you always wonder to attain even without compromising with your vision and also within the reach of your targeted budget. But also remember to choose a verified contractor.

Tip: Get services from well certified & reliable professional only.

Focus Less on Aesthetic look:

Most of the remodeling jobs slightly are focused to achieve the nice and trendy looks but remodeling really providing you with a chance to enhance the functionality of home that it is lacking. So, do focus on getting aesthetic looks but also looking to increase your home functionality too.

Tip: Keep looking for some useful references from your known ones.

Conclusion: Renovating a home may be one time opportunity for many homeowners, so you have to grab it fully. Other than the above recommendations also keep your foot with the latest technologies and trends like going green within your job. So, that you get desire-able relishing renovating results without regretting your decisions.
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Best Surface Finishes of Natural Stone

Natural Stone seems to be every homeowner preferable tiling material. And there is a number of high-quality options available out in the market like marble, limestone, soapstone, Travertine etc. Regardless, much known-ness of various material availability for flooring many homeowners may be not familiar with finishing surfaces they can choose and how they differ from each other.
But to help you out we the best floor tile Miami professionals have summed up all the available finishing patterns under one roof. So, that you make up your mind with direct vision regarding all the possible patterns before going through any kind of flooring installation process:

Polished Surface:

A polished natural look is a popular choice due to their high-end gloss look. This surface particularly achieved by grinding the stone surface against the fine particles of diamonds compounds to get rid of the rough matte surface. The final outcome product will further be crystallized with acids to attain the mirror-like crystal clear looking effects. The whole process brings out a subtle beauty of the surface in composure, thus makes this surface ideal for interiors floorings.

Honed Surface:

It is a surface that has been ground to flat and soothe surface. But, this stone surface looks a little bit different from the polished one though it is created in a much similar way like the polished one. But the main attribute of this surface includes less glossy and reflective finish. So, this surface is advised to be placed in the areas that require a high degree of slip-resistance like in bathrooms.

Brushed Surface:

To complement the name, this surface is attained by brushing the surface against the brushes like steels or nylon brushes. The process includes consistently & gently rubbing of the surface with brushes until it gets textured surface that tends to be high resilience to scratches. But, this surface requires to properly seal off to make it stained free for longer times.

Tumbled Surface:

Tumbled stone finishing material remarkably used by the homeowners around the areas of the home to get a rustic & classic look. The tumbled/antique surface has smooth edging corners attained by vibrating it within the sand.

Tip: There are some other available surfaces too that can be considered at some extent like sandblasted, brush-hammered, and flamed etc because all these surfaces have different characteristics and can prove useful at different areas of the home as per specific requirements. So, some of the above-discussed surfaces may complement interiors or exteriors more and others like stairs etc,
But before choosing any of them, there are other considerations too that you have to watch out like intend fulfillment, design preferences, maintenance, and cost etc because all these factors will influence your final decision at a great level.

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Travertine Flooring Advantages and Disadvantages

The term “Travertine” is a white or light-colored calcareous limestone generally formed by being deposited over time mostly in hot springs, geysers, and get moved out to the ground through them literally. It has been used in building materials since from the ancient empires and even though we can look to the structures like the Colosseum. The known term “travertine” actually derived from word ‘travertino’ and also known as “Onyx” in many European regions. This tiling should have some ancient history to share but even today it remains a very popular flooring option for homeowners or builders and consistently used for facades, wall cladding, and flooring. But before its installation it is important to consider this material advantages and disadvantages so, you get a clear idea of why to choose it for flooring or why not?

Advantages of Travertine Flooring:
  • Travertine tiling is very durable material to choose for and can bear high traffic-load without actually be at risk of being damaged. It has a high measure of hardness (MOH) rating as compared to other available natural stones and indeed makes it ideal flooring option in places like hallways, countertops, and patio etc.
  • Travertine generally through the time regarded for its style, uniqueness, and beauty because it carries the luxuriousness of any natural stone which will also increase your home value too. Furthermore, travertine comes in a variety of shades and textures which make it a suitable choice if you are pursuing an aesthetic and rustic flooring look.
  • Travertine tile flooring also provides great versatility like the ability to withstand with fluctuating temperatures. Due to such properties, this tiling should easily be used for indoor and outdoor places like in pools, kitchens, and bathrooms.
  • Travertine tiles are very easy to care for because any damaged and broken travertine tile can easily be removed or replaced. This tiling material also has the potential to last for a number of upcoming years.
Disadvantages of Travertine Flooring:
  • One of the main downgrading factors of travertine tiling is that they require regular maintenance scrutiny to ensure they do not become stained because they are highly reactivated to acidic substances. So, even an unintentionally spill of an orange or lemon juice on it results could form a permanent stain. Similarly, like other natural stones, travertine is also tended to retain cold as well as heat, thus makes it chilly during winters. Due to such factors, it’s whole maintenance considered to be very complicated.
  • Travertine tiling can impact big on your wallet than other cheap options like vinyl and carpet. Besides, that in end you also have to spend on others tiling adhesives too like labor, grout etc.
  • This tile also tends to be heavy in nature than other natural stones. It’s this heaviness nature makes the installation process difficult and time-consuming indeed, results in driving up your overall project cost. Apart from that travertine also a brittle and prone to crack just like other limestones.

Tip: Travertine tiles like other natural stone can be a perfect tiling option for anyone. It generally comes with four finishes polished, honed, tumbled and brushed. There are a number of advantages a travertine floor have which makes it an ideal flooring option for kitchens, bathroom but you have to carefully consider all the aspects of it. And remember its eco-friendly nature, fairly low-maintenance and long-term durability surely makes it timeless flooring option for homeowners.
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