Laminate Advantages & Disadvantages as Countertop

Laminate countertops once regarded as the most famous material to be used as a countertop in the late 1950s or 60s. But after that, an escalated rise of other materials (natural or synthetic ones) force it to be on the dark depths of complete ignorance despite its pros.
But after remaining in the condition of proper ignorance for much of the time period of a new age, laminate gradually surges back in the bracket of being a popular material then it was before. Because on the back of its attributes it is still seen as a viable option by many homeowners, though it might have some drawbacks too as all the materials have. But if installed & care properly it can be the most suitable material to lay in.

So to help you out The Miami Floors being a best residential renovation services Miami summarizes its advantages & disadvantages as listed below:

Advantages of Laminate Countertop:
  • Laminate generally regarded as one of the cheapest material among all the available materials. Thus its this attribute will help those who have a tight budget & who are much more ambitious with their décor and have a tendency to keep changing their existed countertop.
  • Apart from being an inexpensive material, it can also be installed very smoothly without experiencing any complications at all.
  • One more essential pros of it are its appearance. It comes in a variety of colors and combinations. Aside from that this material can last for a number of years if can be maintained wisely.
Disadvantages of Laminate countertop:
  • You can compare the attributes of laminate with other natural stones like marble, granite or man-made products like quartz. It surely produces some great looks but it’s overall outcome & properties can never be any much near to other materials.
  • This material can easily be damaged if not take care properly. It does possess resistance against heat & traffic but an excessive engagement with hot utensils can harm it’s surface looks with ease. Aside from that, the edges of it can easily be lost.
  • Its installation may appease you as a user but in the end, its installation brings nothing if you want to recoup your invested money.

The Takeaway: Laminate can be an ideal material to lay in your kitchen or in the bathroom countertops. This is the material that made by gluing down the multiple materials into layers which simulates characteristics of others. Thus, Laminate counters can replicate the looks of other stones and can assist who have a tight budget to spend and but they can never replace the luxuriousness of other natural stones but still seem a viable option for many.

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3 Tiling material to choose or skip in Laundry Room

Laundry room apart from the other rooms of the home isn’t a place to lay some kind of an expensive hardwood or carpeting flooring. Instead, laundry room flooring must withstand against the messy, wet conditions that were found mostly in the laundry rooms rather than other available rooms.
So, whatever the floor you have opted to install in the laundry room, it has to be resistive against the stain, heavy wear & tear, scuff etc, as well as being visually appealing too.

So in this post, we are going to discuss the most suitable 3 materials to choose for laundry room & 3 worst laundry room flooring material to skip.

But before we light up the possible best & worst flooring options for laundry room, firstly let discuss the attributes that every laundry room floor should have:

  • Highly Moisture & Stain resistant
  • Durable, Long last & aesthetic pleasing
  • Easy to Clean
3 Ideal flooring material for the laundry room:
  1. When it comes to choose the most sought of laundry room flooring material, Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is regarded as the top – notch quality material. LVT material consist with an multiple fused layers which indeed makes it highly anti moisture, humidity, and versatile. It also comes in number of patterns, designs, and colors combinations too. Other chracterstices that makes it an ideal mudroom or laundry room flooring material consist low cost & maintenance, chemical stain resistant, long life-span, and easy to replace etc.
  2. Ceramic flooring may be not the option that first tick in the mind but come it surely have attributes that made it an ideal laundry room flooring material. Apart, from its stunning beauty, water & slip resistance what makes it an standout material to select for is its durability. But, remember while cleaning the ceramic tiles grout lines can be act some down rank aspect. So, to solve it out choose the large format tiles with proper sealing & less visible grouting.
  3. Natural Stone material like marble etc, too can add an elegant & eco-friendly touch to floor as well as durability. But, its installation in the end can impact highly on wallet and also its post installation maintenance can also be costly.

Tip: You can also consider new flooring options too like COREtec.

3 flooring material to skip completely in laundry room:
  1. Carpet wall-to-wall installation surely can be relatively low as compared to other flooring materials. But when it comes to the laundry room it considers as the worst possible material to lay. Though it provides a warm & comfy underfoot experience its installation leads to many hidden problems. Like absorbs water easily which further requires consistent cleaning & maintenance. It’s water absorption tendency slowly leads to mold, stains, and unbearable smell in the air. So, carpet should not be installed in laundry or mudrooms.

Tip: Want to maintain the clean-ness of carpet flooring. (Check the tips here).

  1. Hardwood flooring by any means is the best interior flooring material by providing a rustic natural look thus makes it the suitable sought of amenities in the home. But the high risk of water damage & heavy appliances movement can further threaten its existence for longer times. So, hardwood flooring is not considered a valuable option in areas that are very prone to moisture like laundry rooms.
  2. Laminam flooring by far distance is regarded as the perfect flooring option until it gets in touch with the water. Thus, a laminate is not regarded as the ideal material for areas that are at risk of being in contact with water-related problems like leaks etc. Though this material may resist the water at some extent but, after some time (if water is not displaced from the surface) water will penetrate to its core & which indeed will damage an entire flooring structure. So, its installation requires careful monitoring over time.

Best Practice: You can put the rugs over the surface, that will provide flair to the overall design.

Conclusion: While installing flooring in laundry rooms, remember that the laundry room is a place that put under the excessive abuse of the machines.
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Everything You Want to Know About Floating Floors

While flooring it is important to choose the best possible solution for your property needs. Floating flooring refers to the floor that is installed using an interlocking method without actually being glued or nail down to the subfloor. Due to such characteristics, this type of flooring is also called a “loose laid flooring” too. In this type of flooring installation, the whole floor balance completely relies on the boards who are fixed together to let the floor be stable & stick in their places by providing them the needed stability.

A floating floor installation generally used with laminate flooring but it can also work well with other floorings too. We have elaborate the types and various advantages of it and hope these tips will provide you with a much clear idea before it’s installing:

Laminam Flooring:

Laminam flooring is a prime option for floating floor installation. It will be nice flooring option for the rooms where moisture isn’t any big issue like bedrooms, living rooms etc, and what makes it more ideal choice is its durability & affordability over other flooring options like wood or natural stone etc. Laminates can be varied on price behalf but commercial grade laminam flooring still possess great resistance against the scratches, sunlight, and high-traffic load. Besides, that it also uses the digital images which allow it to easily reflect the look of any natural material.

LVF Flooring:

Luxury Vinyl Flooring is initially designed to replicate the look of the hard surface materials like stone, wood or marble etc. But nowadays it becomes a popular flooring option as being used as floating flooring, it can also be nailed down with the existing subfloor too. It’s tiny tongues & grooves into the boards to let them lock together strongly.

Cork Flooring:

Rather than preserving the freshness of the wine bottle, an application of cork can be used differently especially for flooring. A cork flooring is a new trend that is now leading in the flooring installation techniques. There such sudden uprising in demand is due to their soft feeling, versatility, sustainability, and involvement of natural ingredients it has. Its such qualities make it ideal flooring choice for the places where you likely spend long hours being standing like kitchens.

Advantages of Floating Floor over Ordinary Floor:
  • Suitability and Adaptability: A floating floor can be used at any corner of the home and if your rooms are prone to the moisture problem then it can be used to curb it. A floating floor can work as the barrier between the subfloor and boarding boards and help you nail down the moisture problems you might have. It’s such properties made it the best option to choose in places where you need an extra spring-like dance hall and gym etc.
  • Ease of Installation: One of the major advantage a floating floor can offer is that it can easily be installed as there is no need to applying a full floor glue or nailing method because all it needs is to insert a board over the board which results in the overall easy and quick installation process which make this installation method the best choice for many types of floor coverings.
  • Cheap Maintenance and DIY Cost: Due to its ease and simplicity, floating floor installation saves money and helps installation go a lot faster. Floating floor installation leads to less future maintenance cost as it highly resistant to moisture, sheer weight, friction and remain untouched from flooring issues for a long time. Its installation also let you eliminate any paid labor charges because the even an inexperienced DIY-er can also achieve big by doing it yourself.

TIP: Remember floating floor is not a flooring but instead it is a method of installing a floor. Apart from the above-mentioned flooring types, you can also consider other options too like engineered hardwood, COREtec. Before flooring, It is also imperative that you weigh the good along with the bad before making any final decisions. Certain is the case with floating floors, they may have upper hand over their counterparts but also prone to some issues too. A floating floor has a tendency to tear quickly as well as also create hollow-sounding noise too but despite all of that it still proves a fair flooring option over concrete, plywood, and carpet flooring like traditional floorings.

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Everything You Need to Know About Laminate Flooring

There comes a period when you simply need a fresh look at your house. It could be an adjustment in embellishments or simply some new furnishings. Once in a while, the decision is progressively included – changing your floors is simply such a decision.
What kind of flooring would it be advisable for you to pick? Nowadays, there are numerous choices with regards to sorts of flooring. Floors run the extent from marble and tile floors on the higher end of value and expenses to covering, vinyl and laminate floors on the affordable side of decisions.
If you end up in a circumstance where you are attempting to minimize expenses however wanting a strong material that is both handy and family-accommodating, investigate the advantages of flexible and affordable laminate flooring. Picking the correct Laminate for space isn’t simple — and that is if the Laminate is the best choice. To enable you to settle on the correct floor decisions in your home, we’ve assembled a guide for laminate flooring.

The Benefits of Laminate Flooring:

1. Laminate flooring is ideal for a bustling family home. In addition to the fact that it provides protection from scratching and different types of harm, it’s likewise generally water-safe. Indeed, water can crawl into the creases between cover areas, however just if it’s since its getting late to do as such.

2. On account of the scope of new printing and assembling methods, the decision of laminate styles and colors is greater than at any other time. You would now be able to make exemplary wood or tile impacts at a small amount of the standard cost. You should simply pick the correct laminate for space.

3. Introducing laminate flooring is a generally direct process – in spite of the fact that things can difficult when it’s an ideal opportunity to cut it. By the by, the Laminate can be laid rapidly, which limits disturbance in the home.

Step by step instructions to Choose the Right Laminate for a Room:

Whether you’re searching for a wood-impact or something increasingly clinical for a washroom, you can’t neglect to locate the laminate. Actually, the main trouble you’ll experience will decide on the huge determination of laminate floors right now available.

  • Choosing Laminate for a Bathroom:

    Since laminate flooring leaves small holes between boards, it’s typically not suited to washrooms. Be that as it may, there are currently a few choices that are explicitly intended for wet rooms. Simply ensure you pick something that is slip-safe.

  • Choosing Laminate for a Kitchen:

    Laminate is typically reasonable for kitchens, as the surface is totally impenetrable to water. For whatever length of time that you wipe up spills promptly, you shouldn’t keep running into such a large number of issues. In case you’re searching for a moderate wood-impact floor for a generally finished kitchen, the Laminate is a decent decision.

Benefits of Laminate Flooring:
1. Laminate Comes at a Low Price

Laminate can give you that look at a value that is significantly more moderate than the real thing. This is particularly essential when your anticipated spending plan for flooring requirements to be on the economic side while as yet considering a quality item.

2. Laminate Is Easy to Maintain

This is a standout amongst the most appealing highlights for the individuals who pick Laminate floors. Laminate floors are easy to clean and are exceptionally resistant to water and stain. All you have to do to keep them looking crisp is to scope and clean them frequently to maintain a strategic distance from the development of soil and grime.

3. Laminate Is Durable

Flooring that is impervious to scratches and water harm is an appealing component for homes with youthful kids and pets. Laminate flooring is routinely found in rooms subject to contact with dampness, for example, kitchens and washrooms.

4. Laminate Comes in an Endless Variety of Styles

The 3D printing highlight found in Laminate flooring is advanced to the point that a container of overlay flooring boards in the style of hardwood may have upwards of about at least six unique varieties in looks with regards to wood grains and colorings. This component keeps the floors looking common and genuine simply like a genuine hardwood floor.

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