Best Kitchen Flooring Design Trends for 2019!

Are you up to designing trending kitchen flooring for your dream house to live your future dreams in a beautiful home? But confused about choosing from the numerous flooring options available in the market? To lighten up this load, we present some trending ideas to build inspiring new kitchen flooring that elevates one of the most commonly used rooms.

BAMBOO FLOORING – A kitchen with an eco-friendly interior looks more attractive and relaxing. Bamboo flooring is one of the most trending and inexpensive flooring option available to craft an eco-friendly kitchen that is the best alternative to synthetic and chemical-ridden kitchen flooring.

This kitchen interior is the highly recommended choice for those who are looking a long-lasting and astonishing looking interior without harming the nature as bamboo trees grow at a faster rate than others, allowing them to be used to make flooring without harming the environment in a drastic way.

NATURAL STONE FLOORING – Natural materials are always high on trend. This is why in flooring, it has an exceptional space for itself. However, it’s quite expensive than other flooring designs but long lasting in nature. Its a quite durable and not as slippery as another kitchen flooring – making it a smart material for a home with children. Once you are done with the installation of natural stone design in your kitchen, it sustains for a very long period without any harm.

Also, it comes with striking variations in pattern and color that looks amazing when paired with just about any design style from rustic to contemporary.

BRIGHT VINYL FLOORING – If you have some different taste, and don’t want to use traditional wood and stone kitchen flooring for your kitchen then Vinyl flooring is one of the most striking options available for you. Vinyl flooring renders flexible color & style options that make the kitchen a bolder part of your house.

Muted pastels tones, Blush tones, and earthy tones are becoming more and more famous, and you can accomplish these looks with water-resistant vinyl. Also, it has easy and less time-consuming installation process with less cost.

CORK FLOORINGCork kitchen flooring is an impactful flooring that has a completely different texture from any other kitchen flooring materials – making it a great choice if you live in an apartment and are conscious of making noise for your neighbors below. This flooring is rendered soft underfoot that is a great heat insulator and sound barrier.

It’s a man-made material so it is easily available in huge stock that makes it less expensive. Its earthy color schemes are one of the most trending theme used for kitchens.

Conclusion: The above-mentioned list of best kitchen flooring trends can surely help you out to get rid of the daunting task of exploring more and more designs to design your kitchen. So if you are ready to design your kitchen with bolder look, The Miami Floors – a flooring installation Company in Miami is ready to serve you with professional assistance helpful to shape your dreams into reality.

Find out Right Material for your Kitchen Countertops

A kitchen is considered as a heart of the functionality of every home and when it comes to choosing the right material for the countertops, then you got a number of options. A kitchen countertops get an excessive exposure to water, heat, sharp knives, heavy beating, chopping, & more. Besides that, they have to look beautiful too. So, you have to select the material that can last for a long time and fit well within your kitchen design & your comfort. The choices are many but find out some of the best kitchen countertops materials which are trending nowadays:

1. Granite:

Its elegant class, natural beauty, and hard durability make it an ideal countertop material for the decades. It can even turn the modest kitchen into a luxurious one because each slab of this material is unique and have rare colors. Since it is non-porous in nature, it also protects from the heat, stain, and fungal origin. When tightly sealed, granite can be resistant to stains from oil, acids, and other kitchen remains. But remember the granite can impact big on your tight budget because historically granite has been expensive countertop material.

2. Quartz:

It is also known as the engineered stone product that contains 93% crushed quartz particles and by blending other minerals, plastic & color pigments. It is created to be a more adaptable and better-performing alternative than granite and marble. In addition to this its beauty and easy availability in a number of colors, it non-porous surface nature also offers anti-bacterial, corrosion, stain and scratch benefits. But it can be damaged by the heat, so it is advised to keep them away from the trivets.

3. Marble, Limestone and Soapstone:

Durability and look are what keeps granite and quartz in high demand. But other natural materials are also in contention. Marble and Limestone are classics countertops material. For luxurious kitchens section, timeless marble is coming on strong because it is gorgeous natural excavated stone. Hence, no two sheets of marble are exactly the same which make your countertop design entirely unique. Though its high price tag, marble is not often seemed good option on the countertops of the whole kitchen. Soapstone is another natural stone that usually comes in dark grey color with a smooth & silky feel. But it isn’t as common as other materials. Contrary to expectations, the soapstone used for countertops is actually quite hard and prone to stain.

4. Solid Surfacing:

It is made of durable acrylic and is specially designed to last for many years. It is once regarded as the premium & luxurious choice for countertop material but nowadays it is considered as a material of the mid-range kitchens. It has many characteristics and properties that make it the most suitable countertop material. The solid surface compatibility factor also leads it to use for the wall backsplash too. It is also resistant to stains, moisture, heat and small nicks.

Tip: Apart from the above options, you can also go for the laminate, wood, recycled glass, concrete, ceramic tiles, stainless steel as per your requirements. Remember replacing a scratched, stained or an unattractive countertop can transform any kitchen but you must think about the durability, maintenance and the material that fit well with your unique kitchen design and budget. Get an expert assistance by visiting us.