Ideal basement flooring attributes – Updated

Whether your basement act as an empty storage unit or an unused commodity. All the basements are prone to some common flooring problems instead of specific environmental one.
These minor problems cumulatively in future turns into a catastrophic one that not only creates unwanted nuisances but can also derail your overall home value & the plans you desire to implement.

So, before choosing a material for your basements it is well recommended that you can get to know with the potential problems to which your floor can engage in the future. Because precisely knowing the issues regarding your basement floor will let you choose the most suitable flooring options that indeed keep your walls or floor out of getting any ugly looks.

So, your ideal basement flooring material only regarded as the same if and only it is able to compel or to resist the following stated problems:

  • Basements are famously quoted as generally being a dark or a room that is full of moisture. So moisture & humidity levels easily escalate then the idle standards. These factors in-fact pave the way for other problems to grow like mold & rot. Thus an ideal basement floor material should have to deal with it effectively.

Tip: An unfinished basement implementation can sour its entire appearance. So, it is highly recommended to curb the moisture related problems as soon they have been noticed because this can lead to other harmful problems like efflorescence which can impact widely on walls by chipping out the paint in form of planks from major spots & consistently.

  • Unbearable foul odors collectively with additional issues produce an unbearable look & environment to the users. Thus a flooring material should have the characteristics to stay dry enough to stay away from it.

Tip: Whatever strategy you are executing to fulfill your dream vision or to restrain the problems it might have also make sure that it suits well within your intent.

  • In such a rooms flooring & wall cracks are most commonly an appearable problem. These cracks by time will let the water to penetrate through the surface which leads to further complications like basement flooding. Thus whatever material you choose it has to stand against such problems or you can also opt for sealing it too.

Extra Tip: The factor that actually seen as the main catalyst to all the above-stated issues is an uneven flooring base.

Knowing the most common problems a basement might face. It may tempt you to know what flooring material can be the best possible one to lay in these rooms?

Fortunately, we have got the list to sort the things for you.

Best Flooring Materials for Basement:
  • Ceramic & Porcelain
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile or Plank
  • Concrete & Laminate Flooring
  • Cork & Rubber Flooring

But also go through these above-mentioned types respective pros & cons. Because they can vary as per the requirement or as per laying space environment.

Conclusion: Remember a key to get a successful flooring in a basement is solely dependent upon choosing a material that not only satisfies your intent bat can also ensure that it will be dry & resistive against any potential threats from moisture.
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Essential DIY Tips for Floor Removal

Remodeling or updating a home for most of the homeowners is a way to turn their homes into a place they always idolized to get by applying new trends while also preserving the happy memories they shared at there. Depending upon the construction and material used in flooring, tearing it can be rough, dirty, and time & money consuming task for many.
But most of the homeowners after knowing an estimation of a project may be tempted to handle it single hand to save their labor charges. While doing it so many can also tend to feel it enjoyable but being a best residential & commercial remodeling services Miami providers we believe that flooring demolition is a task that meant to be for professionals who know their job well than an amateur. Because for some homeowners floor removal can be a daunting task and there are some hidden challenges too that you don’t know until the project goes underway. So, we The Miami Floors got some nice DIY tips for you to consider before starting your flooring demolition:

  • Before starting implementing your DIY tools and ideas, it is important to find out the starting spots from where you can start easily mostly the places where a floor is exposed and can be hit easily. So, It is adviced to start from the edges or corners of the room. Also, remove the fixtures that may obstruct the process of removing the tiles. Start removing your tile from the point you choose by continue thrashing of hammer, chisels and other equipment you have. But remember this effort going to take a lot from your side.
  • For most of the flooring scenarios, the floor material like tile, natural stone etc will be attached directly with the subfloor like concrete but it may also be attached to other underlayments too like plywood or mortarboard etc. So, you have to access the underlayment your floor has been using because damaged underlayment has to remove to get better results.
  • While removing the tiles it is also necessary to dispose of the broken tiles as soon because it will be impossible to clear it once it piled up. But also remember that broken floor material can be sharp at edges and heavy to lift. So, a heavy dustpan or shovel can help you there as well as a stiff broom. When all the debris is cleared completely do address your floor and remove the nails or other issues like adhesives, dust etc.

Conclusion: While the DIY instructions above may sound easy to tackle or achieve, but believe us a flooring demolition Process does not sound that easy as it looks on paper especially for those who want to handle it alone. DIY at some extent will bother you rather than seem enjoyable because, in reality, this process involves lot chuck of energy, breaking, creeping dirt & noise, energy, and time.
But indeed, this is what has to be achieved by specialists who have equipment and resources to get it done efficiently and effectively. Professionals have numerous advantages to offer that can impact big on your time and bills. We too offer safe removing of ceramic, porcelain, VCT, carpet, coating, hardwood expulsion and in an eco-friendly manner as all of our equipment including our floor stripping machine STORM – GENESIS– EXTREME runs on electricity rather than on gas.
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