Do you simply Love the look and feel of wall stone veneer but think it’s out of your budget? Think again.
At The Miami Floors bath and Veneers we can help you with the installation of your dream stone accent wall. We will guide you select and combine the right material for your job at an affordable price..

You can also combine stone veneers with ceramics, glass metals and eve wood . you will be amaze how these very different materials will work together to project a beautiful outcome.

Add value and beauty to your property while enjoying minimal disruption and a price tag that’s a fraction of what you’d normally pay for Wall veneers.

Bathroom Remodeling

If your bathrooms are outdated or not large enough, they have been

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Wall Veneers

Do you simply Love the look and feel of wall stone veneer

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Self Leveling

Don’t worry, our specialiced team can help you in a very short

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Kitchen backsplashes are no longer simply to protect walls from spills and

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Floor Removal

Let’s face it, you need that floor out of your way to

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Flooring Installation

Whether you’re looking for Marble, Porcelain or a Ceramic tile installation, choosing

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How To Hire Us

Our talented, experienced contractors will work to evaluate your current space and come up with creative ways to maximize it, using only high-quality products that work well and look great, all the while sticking to your established budget