Do You Need Flat or Level Floors?

Don’t worry, our specialiced team can help you in a very short time notice.

We are equiped with mixing barrels, hipos, and an amaizig Self-Leveling Pump -MP40- to tackel all size jobs.

One of the main advantages when choosing self-leveling for your flooring project is that the compounds involved do not have the same concerns as the more traditional concrete. Self-leveling heals faster and dries faster.

Where concrete can often take days or weeks to dry to the point where it can be built stably, a self-leveling concrete floor is usually ready in 24 hours. This can accelerate construction times considerably.

What can happen if the surface isn’t flat enough?

when floors are not flat, the installer has significant difficulty when installing the tile.

The constant lifting and resetting of the tile to ensure that the tile surface is smooth and flat wastes a
huge amount of time, resulting in slow production and possibly falling behind schedule.


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Don’t worry, our specialiced team can help you in a very short

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