Case Study – First Laminam Job

From time to time you get one of those customers who only want the best, the different and the expensive.

One of those clients is Mr. Mohamed. An old client of ours recommended us to Mr. Mohamed. Originally he hired us to install about 2000 square feet of 36×36 porcelain tiles in his beautiful, sleek and modern two-story house. Once we were done, he asked us if we could also help him with the tile installation of his 3 bathrooms.

Our designer bathroom designer helped and guided him with the bathroom designs to the very details; so we created beautiful bathrooms for him, including his frameless glass enclosures.
But not long after he showed us the stairs wall and said, ” I want to make that wall look like concrete, can you help”.
At the time we had recently attended our first LAMINAM training in Crossville Tennessee. Thus; We proposed ” Would you be willing to try this huge, unique and a bit expensive porcelain panel?”

We navigated him through the Crossville LAMINAM website and showed him the countless colors and texture LAMINAM panels have.
He fell in love with it and ended up finding the perfect concrete look he was looking for. A couple of weeks later, the panels arrived, and our first LAMINAM project was now a fact. All materials were delivered by D&B with the required handling. Laterite 254 was our thinnest of choice along with the 4 mm Schluter’s profiles.

After about a week, our first 400 square foot LAMINAM job was completed. The beauty, modern and elegant aspect of the project was immeasurable. From that day on, we came to the realization that LAMINAM by Crossville and THE MIAMI FLOORS, BATH & VENEERS were united forever.