Case Study – D&B Tile of Doral Showroom

Shortly after The Miami Floors, Bath & Veneers had completed its first LAMINAM installation work; We were honored with a call from CROSSVILLE asking if we could do a live demonstration at D&B TILE Showroom training facility for local contractors and related businesses. We did not hesitate to say yes.

Cameras were installed from all possible angles and broadcast worldwide for many other viewers to see. But many local contractors were also present at the store doing practical training. The training was carried out at the D&B Store in Doral as a true inspiration wall that many customers can now appreciate when entering the store.

The Laminam presented was 3+ and 5.6 mm panels. During the installation demonstration, we highlight important issues such as substrate preparation, Thinset consistency, working time, proper installation method, the necessary tools and what a LAMINAM installer should not do.

Today, CROSSVILLE offers a very intensive 2-day training seminar on your pants in Crossville Tennessee to all contractors who wish to obtain certification. Since LAMinam was launched in the United States, it has been well accepted by all our architects and designers; for which Crossville is making a great effort to disseminate and educate excellent installation techniques. We, as the leading pioneers in this unique and exclusive installation method, will continue our service and interest in teaching those who are interested in learning. Always remember that knowledge is power