Exciting Kitchen Backsplash Trends To Inspire You!

The kitchen backsplash is always an important part of your kitchen design that not only protects the wall from liquids but also provides a great look to your room. This is considered the main center point that defines the style of your work area, radiates your personality, and reflects the mood and feel of your cooking space.
It is cool if you are a bit fussy and explore more and more designs before selecting a superior design that makes you happy. However, there are thousands of backsplash trends running in the market, which can raise huge confusion for you to choose the foremost design among all.
To cut down this confusion, we, a backsplash tile installation in Miami present to you some exciting kitchen backsplash trends that indeed make your cooking space look highly elegant and hygienic!

Here is the list of trending backsplash for your kitchen

1. Hexagonal Mosaic Tile Backsplash: These tiles are in immensely demanded nowadays as their unique and elegant looking design makes a room look fresh and more overwhelming. These tiles come with mix-and-match colors that add astonishing texture to the wall. This tile has huge options – you can contrast the white Mosaic tile kitchen backsplash with dark grout to create a memorable impact while turning your kitchen backsplash into a key feature.

2. Mirror Tile Backsplash: Mirror tiles are an innovation in the design world that make for a unique and glamorous kitchen backsplash. This glass tile backsplash for kitchen work reflects light, adds more depth, and makes space appear larger and more grand in general. The primary extraction point for these tiles is the quality, so before buying a mirror tile quality must be analyzed as the bad quality can be damaged with heat – coming from the cooking area.

Besides that it added a bonus, you’ll be able to double-check your look while cooking and also it takes just a few minutes to clean.

3. Molded Backsplash : These backsplash tiles are really a boon whom who arent cook daily but love to cook more often and want the space to feel complete & well-judged as the molded panels make for a striking alternative to backsplash tile that provides a completely different look and feels.
This is something beyond the present trend that goes with no rules and stunning look, yet impractical for daily use.

4. Penny Tiles : The penny tiles designs name always pops on the top if you are something that lasts for a longer time, add penny kitchen backsplash to the cooking area that is great for potential resale value and highly recommended for those who aren’t looking to update their kitchen backsplash every few years.
These tiles cater to a huge number of color combination so that you can the best one for your kitchen and make it a beautiful part of your dream home.

What backsplash trend will you choose? Ceiling height backsplashes, metallic tiles, or above mentioned? Choose from the hottest 2019 backsplash design trends and make your kitchen look amazing! For installation help, join hands with The Miami Floors – a prominent to do Kitchen Backsplash Installation in Miami, Florida. Our experienced contractors will work to evaluate your current space and come up with creative ways to maximize it in your budget.

Best Kitchen Flooring Design Trends for 2019!

Are you up to designing trending kitchen flooring for your dream house to live your future dreams in a beautiful home? But confused about choosing from the numerous flooring options available in the market? To lighten up this load, we present some trending ideas to build inspiring new kitchen flooring that elevates one of the most commonly used rooms.

BAMBOO FLOORING – A kitchen with an eco-friendly interior looks more attractive and relaxing. Bamboo flooring is one of the most trending and inexpensive flooring option available to craft an eco-friendly kitchen that is the best alternative to synthetic and chemical-ridden kitchen flooring.

This kitchen interior is the highly recommended choice for those who are looking a long-lasting and astonishing looking interior without harming the nature as bamboo trees grow at a faster rate than others, allowing them to be used to make flooring without harming the environment in a drastic way.

NATURAL STONE FLOORING – Natural materials are always high on trend. This is why in flooring, it has an exceptional space for itself. However, it’s quite expensive than other flooring designs but long lasting in nature. Its a quite durable and not as slippery as another kitchen flooring – making it a smart material for a home with children. Once you are done with the installation of natural stone design in your kitchen, it sustains for a very long period without any harm.

Also, it comes with striking variations in pattern and color that looks amazing when paired with just about any design style from rustic to contemporary.

BRIGHT VINYL FLOORING – If you have some different taste, and don’t want to use traditional wood and stone kitchen flooring for your kitchen then Vinyl flooring is one of the most striking options available for you. Vinyl flooring renders flexible color & style options that make the kitchen a bolder part of your house.

Muted pastels tones, Blush tones, and earthy tones are becoming more and more famous, and you can accomplish these looks with water-resistant vinyl. Also, it has easy and less time-consuming installation process with less cost.

CORK FLOORINGCork kitchen flooring is an impactful flooring that has a completely different texture from any other kitchen flooring materials – making it a great choice if you live in an apartment and are conscious of making noise for your neighbors below. This flooring is rendered soft underfoot that is a great heat insulator and sound barrier.

It’s a man-made material so it is easily available in huge stock that makes it less expensive. Its earthy color schemes are one of the most trending theme used for kitchens.

Conclusion: The above-mentioned list of best kitchen flooring trends can surely help you out to get rid of the daunting task of exploring more and more designs to design your kitchen. So if you are ready to design your kitchen with bolder look, The Miami Floors – a flooring installation Company in Miami is ready to serve you with professional assistance helpful to shape your dreams into reality.

Best Flooring Options for Commercial Kitchens

Kitchens floors especially floor of commercial kitchens should possess qualities like durability and resistivity against the levels of humidity & the heat it faces along with the all day long traffic. Besides, it also has to complement well with the overall décor of the kitchen too.

So we got a list of flooring materials that as per the latest market trends regarded as the best options to choose for the commercial kitchens and aside from providing much-needed attributes will also appease your overall kitchen look too. Take a brief look below:

  • Tile is regarded as the most sought of material to lay in the kitchens and the primary type of tile that is being used at a very large scale is the ‘ceramic tile’. It is a material that is made up by firing raw material compound generally consisting a clay in kiln thus make it very hard material indeed. But for commercial kitchens, an unglazed version is what considered as the most suitable one as it offers high-resistance against the stains and water.

Extra Benefit: The main benefit of this material is that this material is very easy to replace whenever there is a need for such turning events.

  • Commercial Vinyl Flooring is also known as a resilient material comes in a number of different designs and finishes and can even available in the varies sheet structure forms too. Its thin surface attribute let it get a fraction of properties of a subfloor on which it laid. In some cases, it may require an underlayment material like concrete to provide a more comfortable surface in end.
  • Traditional concrete flooring is still applauded highly among the owners because of their classic looks & durability it offers. It is porous and can produce a number of textures & effects when installed properly.

Tip: It produces a hardness that we seek which resultant in providing a versatile surface to walk. But over time, this hardness may prove hard to bear so it is advised to use mats or rugs especially formed from rubber to soften the flooring experience.

Other Materials to Consider: Aside, from the above-stated materials, there exist some more materials to think for which includes a range from natural stone, bricks to modern materials like “Epoxy”. Natural stones like marble, slate etc, are the terms you definitely knew but Epoxy is a new trend in this industry.

Epoxy generally made from resins thus makes it highly slip–resistance & natural flooring material. This material generally used to reinvent an old floor of a kitchen into a new one.

We hope by reading an above-stated flooring materials types you might be able to get to know with the best commercial flooring materials to lay for. But, what kind of attributes an ideal commercial kitchen floor material must possess? So, these are:

  1. Hygienic Support
  2. Moisture Mitigation, Slip Resistance and Strength
  3. Easy Cleanability

Conclusion: Commercial kitchens surely have to stand against the moisture, traffic source it contends with as well as making a fashion statement too.
Thus choose your material wisely because from resilence to longevity all in end prove crucial to your profits.
Being a commercial & residential renovation services Miami we advise you to take hire an expert that will help you in making your final call by providing genuine recommendations.

If you have any queries to know, then reach to us The Miami Floors – best general contractors in Miami-Dade County.

Laminate Advantages & Disadvantages as Countertop

Laminate countertops once regarded as the most famous material to be used as a countertop in the late 1950s or 60s. But after that, an escalated rise of other materials (natural or synthetic ones) force it to be on the dark depths of complete ignorance despite its pros.
But after remaining in the condition of proper ignorance for much of the time period of a new age, laminate gradually surges back in the bracket of being a popular material then it was before. Because on the back of its attributes it is still seen as a viable option by many homeowners, though it might have some drawbacks too as all the materials have. But if installed & care properly it can be the most suitable material to lay in.

So to help you out The Miami Floors being a best residential renovation services Miami summarizes its advantages & disadvantages as listed below:

Advantages of Laminate Countertop:
  • Laminate generally regarded as one of the cheapest material among all the available materials. Thus its this attribute will help those who have a tight budget & who are much more ambitious with their décor and have a tendency to keep changing their existed countertop.
  • Apart from being an inexpensive material, it can also be installed very smoothly without experiencing any complications at all.
  • One more essential pros of it are its appearance. It comes in a variety of colors and combinations. Aside from that this material can last for a number of years if can be maintained wisely.
Disadvantages of Laminate countertop:
  • You can compare the attributes of laminate with other natural stones like marble, granite or man-made products like quartz. It surely produces some great looks but it’s overall outcome & properties can never be any much near to other materials.
  • This material can easily be damaged if not take care properly. It does possess resistance against heat & traffic but an excessive engagement with hot utensils can harm it’s surface looks with ease. Aside from that, the edges of it can easily be lost.
  • Its installation may appease you as a user but in the end, its installation brings nothing if you want to recoup your invested money.

The Takeaway: Laminate can be an ideal material to lay in your kitchen or in the bathroom countertops. This is the material that made by gluing down the multiple materials into layers which simulates characteristics of others. Thus, Laminate counters can replicate the looks of other stones and can assist who have a tight budget to spend and but they can never replace the luxuriousness of other natural stones but still seem a viable option for many.

If you have any queries for which you want a brief then contact us the certified laminam tile installation Miami contractors in Florida.

Glass Backsplash material Pros & Cons

A right backsplash material installation can inject much-needed style & personality to any wall of the home (especially in the bathroom and in a kitchen), isn’t it? Even though there is a number of options to consider from marble, travertine, ceramic and much more to follow and have tough times in doing brainstorming to get your perfect backsplash material? But there is certainly one type that has the credibility to be dominant backsplash material choice for a number of upcoming years and that’s material is the glass.

Glass backsplash has numerous attributes that let it behold its popularity to such extent such as shiny glossy look & radiance it provides to the finishing design.
But being a homeowner it is a must for you to know what actually a glass backsplash brings to your wall? And we have got some of the essential pros & cons of it that you want to insight before putting hard earned money on boxes of tiles:

Pros of it:

1. Glass backsplash offers a complete array of an endless custom look. You can pick any sort of the infinite size, pattern, and color that you think will let you get your unique look from a classic subway to modern mosaics pattern. They all collectively let you get an unmatched beauty you always dreamt off.

2. One characteristic that acts as a cherry on the cake is it’s being highly hygienic in nature. Glass is regarded as the super resistant against any kind of mildew & stain growth probability (Because it has 0% water absorbency), and thus considers much sought to the people who have allergic complications.

3. The glass is also a proper eco – friendly product to use for and most of the final product is made out through the recycling.

4. A glass is comparatively easy to clean than other materials. Its non-porous surface doesn’t let any kind of penetration. Thus a simple wiping of its surface with the water is all that you have to do in the day in & day out.

Cons of it:

1. Installation of glass required any proper assistance by the professional which indeed limits the one to experiment with their DIY skills. Because its cutting & installation can be precisely be handled only by the specialist pro and it is also regarded as the expensive too. Thus, all these factors cumulatively can impact big on your wallet (Perhaps if you got enough to spent).

2. It may be regarded as the highly durable & resistible material and generally last for a much longer time period. But unfortunately, if it got any kind of niggle than its replacing can be a tricky process to implement. So prevent its surface from getting any kind of crack because it can further be expended to an entire portion.

Conclusion: Glass (despite its cost) definitely is the material that many homeowners prefer rather than other traditional material. Even if you can find its too expensive or out of reach then you can be creative by using it with ceramic or other material to get your vision into the floor.
It has the ability to bring the sparkling effect to your space & will further light it up (because it reflects the light) and thus let your space be wider & light visually.
It may demand an installation from the professional (to reduce any imperfections) but once installed, its overall maintenance only requires a scheduled watch of an eye.
Whatever options you have chosen, a professional provides the best sought of solutions on the back of their skills. At, commercial remodeling contractors The Miami Floors have the credentials to fulfill that for you – Contact us!

Why select Limestone for Countertops

Whenever we have to decide an ideal countertop material for a bathroom or for a kitchen, there exist numerous available options to weigh for and one should make a right move. Because a well-installed countertop material will act as a hallmark in your bathroom or in the kitchen. So, it is regarded as a nice move to do some initial brainstorming rather than regretting your decisions.
While there are lots of options to look for from natural stone to man-made stone. The one natural stone product whose popularity comprehensively escalates quickly in the trends is limestone.

The factor that plays a key role in its up-growing popularity are the attributes of it. Limestone natural elegance, neutral colors, patterns along with being economically achievable than other stones like travertine, marble makes it a right countertop material.
But as we know, each material has its pros & cons of what every homeowner should have to know.

And we notch up the most important advantages & disadvantages of limestone countertop material for you. Let’s take a brief look below:

Product forms of limestone – Limestone generally comes in three different forms:

  1. Slab: This material strategically used for the kitchen & bathroom countertops from ancient time. Though, its installation can impact highly on the bills.
  2. Tile: This material is more multipurpose in nature due to the availability of shapes & patterns. So this material can be used for indoors & outdoors too.
  3. Pavers: Being a wider & thick than the above-mentioned types it is regarded as the top material to lay in pavement areas.
Pros of limestone countertop material:
  • Limestone is regarded as the most astonishing natural stone material that ever exists. Its elegant & earthy vibe makes it a deserved candidate too, the hues & tones of it thus making it an ideal indoor material. Their subtle varying shades help them emulate any design & texture.
  • Its durability also makes escalates its popularity to a further extent, especially within the chefs. Some professional chefs also consider it worthy even against the man-made countertop materials like stainless steel.
  • One reason that pops up its popularity to new charts is its uniqueness. Each extracted slab of it looks different from each other.
Cons of limestone countertop material:
  • This material through-out the time required proper care & maintenance. Its major concentrating raw material includes Calcium Carbonate which makes it highly non-resistive against any sort of an acidic fluid. Thus need proper time to time cleansing.
  • Its porous nature will also make your job harder as you have expected and will easily lead its surface to get a niggle or scratch easily when exposed against the sharp objects.

Conclusion: There (without any doubt) exist a huge variety & patterns of limestone in the market. But before making up your mind also remember it has two selection criteria that have to address before are its durability & exposure level.
If there is still something that you think you have to ask for then get in touch with us – the best tile installation company in Miami, Florida for a brief consultation.


Complete Guide to Clean Granite Countertops

Granite, if installed in an important manner without any doubt can add much needed natural spark to the countertops regardless of spaces where they are installed due to their abundance of natural patterns it offers. But, the main question that has to counter is how to maintain their such a luxurious look over time or is it simple or hard to maintain? Being a specialist tile flooring Miami Florida tiling professionals & on the back of our experience, we do believe that maintaining a natural look of granite is not going to be hard job to take care but can be tricky one instead.

When it comes to clean granite countertop on daily basis, it is easy but there exists some do’s and don’ts that you have to look for. So, we have got some tips that surely will help you maintain your granite countertops within a day in day out activities (Share itto let people know). Just, take a look below:

  • Being a natural material, Granite is porous in nature which means it is very much prone to the absorption. So, a little bit of unintentional dropping (especially in kitchens)of some kind of acidic liquids like lemon, orange, and vinegar etc, can be settled down quickly and hard to get rid off easily if remains there for a long time. So, it is highly advised to wipe such spills as soon. But, there is definitely exist a much sought-able remedy that all requires a subtle wiping by the lukewarm water and apply it gently with dish soap mixture against the surface.
  • Never ever used some synthetic chemical (i.e. so-called soft sellable cleaners available in the stores) to clear such stains or other methods like bleaching instead, all they are going to do complex a cleaning process rather than solving it. Because Granite is tumbled in nature thus never opt or get attracted to use harsh chemical compounds on a surface. So, all you have do is fetch some minutes from your routine and gently wipe the surface daily.

Extra Useful Tips: It is strongly recommended by the professionals to seal your countertop material whether it’s a marble, limestone, soapstone, and granite in order to avoid any kind of penetration. But Granite, unlike the other materials requires an annual sealing or may once in two or three years (as all depend upon the condition).
So, it is regarded as a nice move to seal your granite countertop before it gets any kind problem.
As mentioned above, never use any kind of an abrasive sponge and cleaning liquids on Granite countertop but in any case, there is an urgency to use such synthetic cleaners than only put your hands on safer or reliable manufacturer product only. And also prevent your surface well out the reach of hot utensils like pans.

Conclusion: You may hear a number of opinions or talking regarding what material or method going to be an ideal one for cleaning your countertop. But, believe us all you have to do is to establish a proper maintainability schedule if you are really want to avoid a future problem with your material.

Want to acquire some more information regarding flooring & countertop installation, then visit us the best residential renovation services Miami contractors.

Why Select Soap-Stone as a Countertop Material

Looking to add new countertop in your kitchen. Then, a natural Soapstone can act as a countertop material you always wish for. Soapstone, as the name suggests, looks like soap because of the 50% involvement of talc in it hence, it is also knowable as steatite. Other minerals like chemical compounds of magnesium can also be involved too in order to provide more durability to the end product but stone with a high concentration of talc often known as “artistic soapstone” because meant to be more soft in nature & thus regarded as an ideal material to provide high-quality sculptors by the artists all over the world. And the material with less concentrating talc percentage is considered as much sought for an architectural or construction work.

But, we are not going to discuss it’s artistic attributes but instead, we are going to discuss what the use of it can bring to our kitchen. So, just take a quick look at why to use it as a countertop material? Take a deep insight below:

Pros of Soapstone Material:
  • Being a non-porous & much denser material, soapstone at very much extent remains stain-free throughout an entire life-cycle. It means if someone unintentionally spills some kind of an acidic fluid than they have nothing to worried off because such stains can simply be a swipe out from the surface even without leaving any kind of permanent mark.
  • Another advantage of it is that it serves as a great heating conductor material. Thus, you can put heating pans directly within the surface but, also remember it does not mean you have an authority to put it against any kind of excessive exposure to heat. So, avoid successive involvement with high temperature because it can indeed impact highly on its durability throughout the time.
  • Though it is regarded as very much an immune material against scratches or dents, unfortunately, if you get some of them accidentally then there is no reason to get hyper. Because such surfaces issues can easily be removed by sanding or by putting mineral oil on it. Thus, help you maintain its natural & classic look.
  • Unlike, other solid & natural surfaces, soapstone does not require any kind of sealing occasionally or seasonally which indeed means it requires less maintenance over time.

Tip: By reading above mentioned advantages it is very much obvious that many homeowners will find it the right material for their respective counter-tops. But, it does not mean that you don’t have to consider other possible options instead, we the best tile flooring Miami Florida contractors will suggest you select the material that you thought would be an ideal countertop material as well as also fulfill your required requirements.
If you still have any query than you can also reach to us directly – The Miami Floors – Your best Residential renovation services Miami contractors.

Granite Countertops Advantages and Disadvantages

The kitchen is the place that controls all the functionality of the home and most sought out place for every homeowner too. While renovating or remodeling a kitchen, a countertop is a spot of top priority for every homeowner. A countertop is generally a horizontal surface that will prove handy in your daily kitchen tasks like food preparation etc. It is basically designed by keeping in mind heightening factor of the user and positioned within a touching distance of cabinets, and other accessories storage areas to increase its productivity.

A countertop should be functional as well as stylish because a well-placed countertop will make your kitchen more useful and enhance your kitchen overall creativity. While doing it so, it is a huge decision to make to choose a right countertop material for your kitchen and there consists a vast range of high-end materials options which are available in the market such as granite, quartz, natural stone or marble, laminate, and traditional concrete floor. All of these options have something to offer in your kitchen design as per your requirement and apart from all, granite is the most popular countertop material and for good reason too as they are beautiful, natural, have wide patterns & colors, and can provide a gorgeous look to your kitchen.

And if granite is what you think of, then there are some factors that you have to consider like it’s pro and cons and fortunately, the best tile flooring Florida contractors – The Miami Floors have listed some of them for you as below:

Advantages of Granite for Countertops:

1. The main factor that led granite to become most sellable countertop material is its natural identity. Each slab of it is carved out from the igneous rocks which result in providing different shades and colors of it. Thus each slab of granite is unique from others which provide beauty and elegance that you surely gonna appreciated your whole lifetime.

2. Being a natural stone element, granite is considered to be one of the most durable and scratch resistant material. It also possesses the attributes like heat and stain resistant too which makes it very much immune to freezing, thawing, mold, heavy beating, and mildew which are main concerning factors of the kitchen. All of such attributes make it a material that can last longer than expected.

Disadvantages of Granite for countertops:

1. Granite needs to be sealed to make it less prone to stains and bacterial growth occasional annually. Because unsealed or unproperly sealed granite material can be absorbent to acidic fluids and chemicals which can produce some stain that might be too hard to deal with.

2. Granite material is porous in nature. Though, It’s hardness make it a rare entity to crack or chip but however stain still consider as the main primary issue that can force you to replace it in a near future. But other than that, it’s preservation seems to be a less concerning issue for homeowners.

3. Granite by far distance is considered to be an expensive material to use rather than other materials. So, be ready to loose some bills during its installation.

Remember, that Granite has attributes to deliver gorgeous aesthetics looks in kitchens and bathrooms and have other good qualities too which led it to create a timeless aura and appeal and makes it well within the range of an amateur DIYer. Granite countertops will take your high-quality kitchen to the whole new level visually and slightly become the most attractive centerpiece of it.

Let in touch with us, best tile installation company Miami, Florida– The Miami Floors!

Find out Right Material for your Kitchen Countertops

A kitchen is considered as a heart of the functionality of every home and when it comes to choosing the right material for the countertops, then you got a number of options. A kitchen countertops get an excessive exposure to water, heat, sharp knives, heavy beating, chopping, & more. Besides that, they have to look beautiful too. So, you have to select the material that can last for a long time and fit well within your kitchen design & your comfort. The choices are many but find out some of the best kitchen countertops materials which are trending nowadays:

1. Granite:

Its elegant class, natural beauty, and hard durability make it an ideal countertop material for the decades. It can even turn the modest kitchen into a luxurious one because each slab of this material is unique and have rare colors. Since it is non-porous in nature, it also protects from the heat, stain, and fungal origin. When tightly sealed, granite can be resistant to stains from oil, acids, and other kitchen remains. But remember the granite can impact big on your tight budget because historically granite has been expensive countertop material.

2. Quartz:

It is also known as the engineered stone product that contains 93% crushed quartz particles and by blending other minerals, plastic & color pigments. It is created to be a more adaptable and better-performing alternative than granite and marble. In addition to this its beauty and easy availability in a number of colors, it non-porous surface nature also offers anti-bacterial, corrosion, stain and scratch benefits. But it can be damaged by the heat, so it is advised to keep them away from the trivets.

3. Marble, Limestone and Soapstone:

Durability and look are what keeps granite and quartz in high demand. But other natural materials are also in contention. Marble and Limestone are classics countertops material. For luxurious kitchens section, timeless marble is coming on strong because it is gorgeous natural excavated stone. Hence, no two sheets of marble are exactly the same which make your countertop design entirely unique. Though its high price tag, marble is not often seemed good option on the countertops of the whole kitchen. Soapstone is another natural stone that usually comes in dark grey color with a smooth & silky feel. But it isn’t as common as other materials. Contrary to expectations, the soapstone used for countertops is actually quite hard and prone to stain.

4. Solid Surfacing:

It is made of durable acrylic and is specially designed to last for many years. It is once regarded as the premium & luxurious choice for countertop material but nowadays it is considered as a material of the mid-range kitchens. It has many characteristics and properties that make it the most suitable countertop material. The solid surface compatibility factor also leads it to use for the wall backsplash too. It is also resistant to stains, moisture, heat and small nicks.

Tip: Apart from the above options, you can also go for the laminate, wood, recycled glass, concrete, ceramic tiles, stainless steel as per your requirements. Remember replacing a scratched, stained or an unattractive countertop can transform any kitchen but you must think about the durability, maintenance and the material that fit well with your unique kitchen design and budget. Get an expert assistance by visiting us.