Definitive Guide about a Mold – The Miami Floors

A term mold is the most common issue to which most of the homeowners are familiar with. In most of the cases, it is very hard to detect its origin from scratch because mold generally develops in the spots that are indeed remain sidelined from sight like in dark areas of the space.
And generally arise in the areas like showers, sinks, and at other spots which are contaminated with the moisture. Because they provide an environment along with the peripheral sources of it like water, darkness which adjacently help it to flourish.

Mold if not treated on time will impact highly on the area where it exists & will turn up into a most damaging name of it we have known to i.e. the Black Mold.

So, we residential renovation & commercial remodeling services Miami create a definitive guide that covers up all about the mold. So, take a look:

What is Mold?

Mold as well as mildew gradually belongs to the family of “fungus” which generally form at the areas that have the character to produce a highly moist environment which regarded as the main ingredient of it. And in such circumstances can grow at anywhere from walls, floors, and to pipes too. But escalate more smoothly adjacent to showers, toilets & sinks.

Mold & mildew when start to appear the scene look like a big patched stain but also remember in most of the cases they slightly remain unnoticed for most of the time until they start to produce their well known musty smell.

Identification of Mold:

As we have described above mold in most of the cases can’t be identified easily until it reaches its peak. But you can observe it from a number of signs if you are aware to them, stated below:

1. Muddy appearance along with the musty smells.
2. Dented appearance on the floor or on walls
3. And the traditional one: the activities of ants.

Effects of Mold on Health:
  • For most of the people, a mold is just a greenish plank but the people who do have some allergic issues against it will certainly face the problems like skin rashes to the respiratory one.
  • Spores of the mold in most of the cases framed as the main culprit behind all the leading problems. So, chronic exposure to it can be very harmful and can pose some serious health-related issues.

Remember: Whenever you witness some kind of fatigue, dizziness, itchy eyes, and along with other respiratory problems, a mold existence can be the actual catalyst for all if your space really has some of it. So, never overlook them.

Tip: It is not certain that such symptoms really proportionally depend on mold but possibly can. So, keep looking for mold in wetter areas of the home.

Preventive tips against Mold: Mold can be prevented easily if one can measure its origin from early as well as making some considerable changes to the layout of the potential spaces where it can grow. Are:

  1. More influx of natural light and air: Mold exist in darkness, so make sure a proper influx of natural light along with air circulation in abundance.
  2. Remove the water from your floor as soon and never let it to settle down at one place more often.
  3. Mold when escalate in full throttle need an entity which let it reach to its extreme and walls are just what it needs. So, waterproofing of the walls is a must to avoid it.
  4. At last but not least, a proper day to daycare & cleaning of the area is the best you can do.

The Takeaway: Mold & Mildew when treated not properly will damage your property at a very high extent. Ignorance of its origin can reach to the position where there is no way back accept than redo your damaged space.
There exist some home remedies solutions too like solution of vinegar and other synthetic cleaners available in the market.
But it is nice to curb it down as soon rather than reaching a dead-end because a bathroom without any issues &  a well remodel bathroom will let you get high ROI too. And if don’t know how to & what to do, then consult with a professional because it is who knows all than you.


Laminate Advantages & Disadvantages as Countertop

Laminate countertops once regarded as the most famous material to be used as a countertop in the late 1950s or 60s. But after that, an escalated rise of other materials (natural or synthetic ones) force it to be on the dark depths of complete ignorance despite its pros.
But after remaining in the condition of proper ignorance for much of the time period of a new age, laminate gradually surges back in the bracket of being a popular material then it was before. Because on the back of its attributes it is still seen as a viable option by many homeowners, though it might have some drawbacks too as all the materials have. But if installed & care properly it can be the most suitable material to lay in.

So to help you out The Miami Floors being a best residential renovation services Miami summarizes its advantages & disadvantages as listed below:

Advantages of Laminate Countertop:
  • Laminate generally regarded as one of the cheapest material among all the available materials. Thus its this attribute will help those who have a tight budget & who are much more ambitious with their décor and have a tendency to keep changing their existed countertop.
  • Apart from being an inexpensive material, it can also be installed very smoothly without experiencing any complications at all.
  • One more essential pros of it are its appearance. It comes in a variety of colors and combinations. Aside from that this material can last for a number of years if can be maintained wisely.
Disadvantages of Laminate countertop:
  • You can compare the attributes of laminate with other natural stones like marble, granite or man-made products like quartz. It surely produces some great looks but it’s overall outcome & properties can never be any much near to other materials.
  • This material can easily be damaged if not take care properly. It does possess resistance against heat & traffic but an excessive engagement with hot utensils can harm it’s surface looks with ease. Aside from that, the edges of it can easily be lost.
  • Its installation may appease you as a user but in the end, its installation brings nothing if you want to recoup your invested money.

The Takeaway: Laminate can be an ideal material to lay in your kitchen or in the bathroom countertops. This is the material that made by gluing down the multiple materials into layers which simulates characteristics of others. Thus, Laminate counters can replicate the looks of other stones and can assist who have a tight budget to spend and but they can never replace the luxuriousness of other natural stones but still seem a viable option for many.

If you have any queries for which you want a brief then contact us the certified laminam tile installation Miami contractors in Florida.

Glass Backsplash material Pros & Cons

A right backsplash material installation can inject much-needed style & personality to any wall of the home (especially in the bathroom and in a kitchen), isn’t it? Even though there is a number of options to consider from marble, travertine, ceramic and much more to follow and have tough times in doing brainstorming to get your perfect backsplash material? But there is certainly one type that has the credibility to be dominant backsplash material choice for a number of upcoming years and that’s material is the glass.

Glass backsplash has numerous attributes that let it behold its popularity to such extent such as shiny glossy look & radiance it provides to the finishing design.
But being a homeowner it is a must for you to know what actually a glass backsplash brings to your wall? And we have got some of the essential pros & cons of it that you want to insight before putting hard earned money on boxes of tiles:

Pros of it:

1. Glass backsplash offers a complete array of an endless custom look. You can pick any sort of the infinite size, pattern, and color that you think will let you get your unique look from a classic subway to modern mosaics pattern. They all collectively let you get an unmatched beauty you always dreamt off.

2. One characteristic that acts as a cherry on the cake is it’s being highly hygienic in nature. Glass is regarded as the super resistant against any kind of mildew & stain growth probability (Because it has 0% water absorbency), and thus considers much sought to the people who have allergic complications.

3. The glass is also a proper eco – friendly product to use for and most of the final product is made out through the recycling.

4. A glass is comparatively easy to clean than other materials. Its non-porous surface doesn’t let any kind of penetration. Thus a simple wiping of its surface with the water is all that you have to do in the day in & day out.

Cons of it:

1. Installation of glass required any proper assistance by the professional which indeed limits the one to experiment with their DIY skills. Because its cutting & installation can be precisely be handled only by the specialist pro and it is also regarded as the expensive too. Thus, all these factors cumulatively can impact big on your wallet (Perhaps if you got enough to spent).

2. It may be regarded as the highly durable & resistible material and generally last for a much longer time period. But unfortunately, if it got any kind of niggle than its replacing can be a tricky process to implement. So prevent its surface from getting any kind of crack because it can further be expended to an entire portion.

Conclusion: Glass (despite its cost) definitely is the material that many homeowners prefer rather than other traditional material. Even if you can find its too expensive or out of reach then you can be creative by using it with ceramic or other material to get your vision into the floor.
It has the ability to bring the sparkling effect to your space & will further light it up (because it reflects the light) and thus let your space be wider & light visually.
It may demand an installation from the professional (to reduce any imperfections) but once installed, its overall maintenance only requires a scheduled watch of an eye.
Whatever options you have chosen, a professional provides the best sought of solutions on the back of their skills. At, commercial remodeling contractors The Miami Floors have the credentials to fulfill that for you – Contact us!

Why select Limestone for Countertops

Whenever we have to decide an ideal countertop material for a bathroom or for a kitchen, there exist numerous available options to weigh for and one should make a right move. Because a well-installed countertop material will act as a hallmark in your bathroom or in the kitchen. So, it is regarded as a nice move to do some initial brainstorming rather than regretting your decisions.
While there are lots of options to look for from natural stone to man-made stone. The one natural stone product whose popularity comprehensively escalates quickly in the trends is limestone.

The factor that plays a key role in its up-growing popularity are the attributes of it. Limestone natural elegance, neutral colors, patterns along with being economically achievable than other stones like travertine, marble makes it a right countertop material.
But as we know, each material has its pros & cons of what every homeowner should have to know.

And we notch up the most important advantages & disadvantages of limestone countertop material for you. Let’s take a brief look below:

Product forms of limestone – Limestone generally comes in three different forms:

  1. Slab: This material strategically used for the kitchen & bathroom countertops from ancient time. Though, its installation can impact highly on the bills.
  2. Tile: This material is more multipurpose in nature due to the availability of shapes & patterns. So this material can be used for indoors & outdoors too.
  3. Pavers: Being a wider & thick than the above-mentioned types it is regarded as the top material to lay in pavement areas.
Pros of limestone countertop material:
  • Limestone is regarded as the most astonishing natural stone material that ever exists. Its elegant & earthy vibe makes it a deserved candidate too, the hues & tones of it thus making it an ideal indoor material. Their subtle varying shades help them emulate any design & texture.
  • Its durability also makes escalates its popularity to a further extent, especially within the chefs. Some professional chefs also consider it worthy even against the man-made countertop materials like stainless steel.
  • One reason that pops up its popularity to new charts is its uniqueness. Each extracted slab of it looks different from each other.
Cons of limestone countertop material:
  • This material through-out the time required proper care & maintenance. Its major concentrating raw material includes Calcium Carbonate which makes it highly non-resistive against any sort of an acidic fluid. Thus need proper time to time cleansing.
  • Its porous nature will also make your job harder as you have expected and will easily lead its surface to get a niggle or scratch easily when exposed against the sharp objects.

Conclusion: There (without any doubt) exist a huge variety & patterns of limestone in the market. But before making up your mind also remember it has two selection criteria that have to address before are its durability & exposure level.
If there is still something that you think you have to ask for then get in touch with us – the best tile installation company in Miami, Florida for a brief consultation.


Get a high ROI from Bathroom Remodeling

Restoration an old bathroom can quickly be overshadowed by the up-going concerns of a budget. But do remember that Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses if you are intended to do the same. And If you have ever planned to sell your home (remarkably high than its building cost), a minor bathroom remodeling job is the most cost-effective home improvement projects you can go for (including a kitchen too).

But apart from that, the real question that always bothers every homeowner is that do remodeling an old bathroom can enhance its functionality along with the resale value of the home?

It is also a well-approved theory that remodeling an old bathroom does not really be able to recoup the money we have invested in. But a well-updated bathroom (by implementing genuine remodeling planning) can accelerate the overall home resale value as well as adding a more comfy level into space.

Remember: According to the National Association of the Realtors (NAR), if a bathroom remodels is tackled properly, they will let the homeowners recoup 50% cost of the job.

Best remodeling job to be done to get a high ROI:

But before we start any kind of remodeling job, the question that has to be answered is that what entities really in need of fixing or whose fixings can actually be going to help us to get a high margin of ROI against the cost or simply where to invest your money.

Here are the most sought of options:

  • Vanity: It is regarded as the must-do remodeling entity in the bathroom to go for. But, remember its overall renovating cost can impact big on the pocket as its overall rejuvenate look do requires a retouching of countertops, faucet, and sinks too.
  • Flooring: Replacement of an existing flooring appearance with an introduction of budget-friendly porcelain, vinyl, ceramic or rustic hardwood flooring can do you a big favor. But do look for their overall durability & other attributes.
  • Shower/Tub: When it comes to relook your master bathroom installation of big walk-in-shower will definitely add some much needed extra value. But, its maintenance can hide its aspects.

Also, go for:

  • Introduction of the steam shower in the master bath
  • Installing heated floors or shower seat
  • Optimizing the storage space
  • Neutral colors along with music media

Conclusion: While remodeling your bathroom stick to your budget and be realistic with the options you have. If you have the plan to be in the home for a long time then do priorities your personal taste, but if you are planning a move out then went for a more appealing basic look that not only increases your bathroom overall appearance but can also return highly on ROI perspective.
And that can also meet the expectation of potential buyers too. But while designing trying to find out a balance that fits well within your or new user lifestyle.

For more information consult with our professional tile flooring Florida contractors now.

Environmental Friendly Attributes of Ceramic Tiles for Bathroom – 2019 Updated

Ceramic tiling material is often used in interiors renovation jobs due to the glazing effect it produces on a final outcome. Besides, such glazing looks it also adds up extra durability which makes it a perfect tile option to pick for the floors.
What else that ensures its superiority over to the further extent is a combination of versatile design patterns, effectiveness, high-resistance against water & cracking less maintenance, and an overall aesthetic benefits it offers.
Mostly we are familiar with the above-mentioned attributes of ceramic material but there is one more characteristic of it that may get less user attention but can offer many valuable benefits to our health especially in bathrooms.

And we the best tile flooring Florida general contractors racked up the complete guiding tips regarding ceramic flooring health-related benefits:

  • Less Synthetic Contamination: Ceramic tiling does not contain plastic thus, makes it less environment hazard concerning. Its this attributes also makes it highly “fire-proof” material which indeed means there is no risk of any kind of accidental inhailing of toxic fumes as it never gets a fire.
    Apart from that, ceramic is also a 100% PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) free which indeed regarded as a regular health concern factor by medical professionals.
  • No VOCs: Volatile Organic Compounds is a chemical ingredient that produces high vaporized pressure at ordinary temperature. So, as per experts a long-time or excessive exposure to it can lead to several issues that will cause severe damage to the nervous system and can even cause sick building syndrome too in some circumstances.
  • Formaldehyde Free: It is a chemical substance most often being used in the construction materials due to its sustainability properties. But it regarded as a harmful for health. A chronic exposure with it can cause multiple respiration disorders like asthma. But fortunately, ceramic tile is considered to be fully free of it.
  • Less Allergic: Ceramic is thought to be made from red & white clay along with the mixture of some other materials by firing them at high temperatures. Thus, the resultant surface is considered to be non-porous one and makes it highly-resistive against allergic bacteria, fungi, mold, and mildew.

Conclusion: Ceramic is a material that can surely be a safer surface to occupants on behalf of above-discussed tips. Additionally, if we add up all the attributes it offers like its basic and those mentioned environment-friendly characteristics too which can make it an ideal flooring material for patios, walkways, walls, floors and not only limited to bathrooms.
Still, something to ask for than visit us – the best floor tile installation Miami general contractors – The Miami Floors.

Non-Slippery Tiling & Accessible Flooring Options for Bathroom

Flooring is a crucial element of any home as it completes the overall look of an entire home. While building or remodeling a home of your dream many homeowners seek to lodge sufficient and safe rooms to the home members especially to the persons with disabilities like persons who use wheelchairs. A bathroom is an area which considers being a most dangerous spot in the home as it include many hazardous areas like Wet floor, sharp corners near the accessories like toilets, tubs, shower, vanities etc which indeed prove a difficult challenge to kids, elders, and as well as for the young adults.
So, it is well advised to concern such safety challenges before designing your bathroom because 2/3 of a home falls occurred in the bathroom. We the best commercial & residential renovation services Miami, Florida professionals got most safe tiling options that will make your bathroom less scratch & slipping prone and accessible to utilize:


Vinyl flooring is a most obvious flooring choice for the public and as well as commercial facilities. Their water resistant and slip-resistant attributes are enough to complement ADA rules. Though, luxury vinyl tiles sheets can be best non-slip tile option as they have a foam backing that let them provide more grip on floors and be wheelchair friendly. Apart from that, there easy installation and reasonable price also enhance its popularity.


Laminam flooring has a comparable appearance as it can be used both at residential and commercial properties. Laminate flooring not only looks attractive for floors but also compliment ADA requirements too. Its such attributes make it an ideal tiling option to bear high traffic load and provide much-assured rest to wheelchairs users because it has a high tendency to resist dents and bumps.

Ceramic Tiles:

Ceramic tiles due to their high water resisting characteristics can be a better choice for a bathroom than laminate flooring. These tiles also provide great gripping, durability, and move around capabilities to standard and to power chairs users.

Tips to make a bathroom more accessible:
  • A sink should be mount against the wall that has no underneath cabinets thus providing more space for movement. Installing an automatic faucet will make your sink more easy to access or opt for the single hand faucet.
  • To make your shower or tub area more accessible, go for a curbless shower and also keep a sleek eye on the slope so, that extra water flows easily to drainage spot.
  • The doorway should be sufficiently wide to make access for the wheelchairs. Also, make sure to keep your floor clean and tidy all the time by making it sure that there should be not any rugs or mats in the way. Such considerations make your bathroom fixtures easy to use and more approachable.
  • Bring an excessive required light is also a big safety concern of the bathroom and it is ideal if you intake as much as natural light. Motion detecting and dimmers can too be useful as well as low light switches or large easily visible toggle buttons.

Conclusion: While laying your bathroom floor, choose the best possible tiling option that suits all the family members of your family regardless how’s their physical condition. Apart from the above flooring tiles, you can also go with a solid rubber or cork flooring too. Also, watch out for the ADA (The American with Disabilities Act) laws recommendations like flooring material should have coefficient of 0.5, avoid high alterations, and a heap to maintain less than ½ inch height.
What kind of material you select make sure it has high resilience and easily managed manoeuvre because every homeowner ultimate goal is to get an accessible spaced bathroom that would be easy to utilize by all the family members
We hope the tips above will let you make up your mind before selecting your floor material and if you have anything still to ask for than visit the best tile installation Miami, Florida contractors – The Miami Floors.

Remodeling Tips for Tiny Bathrooms – The Miami Floors

Bathrooms enjoyed a sudden explosion in popularity over time. They are no longer remains a space that you can neglect anymore while planning a renovation. Instead, nowadays they become a real focal point of the home offering you a chance to showcase your vision of style & decor. And when you decide to renovate your bathroom you may be tempted to follow the latest trends that will give your bathroom some subtle cozy look. But hang on a little bit before implementing your affection for trends to bathroom especially if your bathroom has congested space. So, what can you do if you have a small bathroom? Are you still able to bring that touch of elegance & comfort into our bathroom?

Certainly, yes you can, take a look at following tips that can add some much-needed style to your small bathroom by The Miami Floors:

1. Strategic Lightning:

A bathroom should have an adequate light as it is where you get your appearance ready every day. And bouncing more light in your bathroom will let it look larger. Natural Light is always going to be a plus point! But if your bathroom has no windows, you still have a number of quality options for illuminating the dark spaces. Like Lighting by the mirror can offer an extra benefit as they are then reflected & amplified.

2. Minimize your Decoration Aspirations:

Let the quality of your fixtures, materials, and style to shine. Because adding additional decoration can make the room look more cluttered and congested.

3. Rethink Storage:

To you a bathroom never seems to be has enough room for everything you want to store in the bathroom, so start paring down what you want to store there. It’s important to keep your toiletries close at hand when you’re getting ready in the bathroom. So, remember:

• Keep your essentials close – extras like spare towels, cleaning supplies, additional toilet paper, and tissue boxes can be moved to a nearby hall or bedroom closet.

• Storing your toiletries outside a bathroom with hardly any storage space can surely create some chaos in the morning. If your bathroom doesn’t have enough storage space for your needs, consider your wall. You can install attractive storage units to keep things tidy, pretty, and close at hand.

• In order to maximize your bathroom space, go on and try a floating vanity. A floating vanity puts more visual space into the bathroom, allowing the area to feel larger than it is.

• Embrace a ledge beneath your mirror and above your sink. It can be a great place to keep your toothbrush, hairbrush, and other small things when you don’t have enough drawer or cabinet space.

4. Remain Careful with Patterns and Contrast:

It’s quite simple that you can fall in love with a tile pattern with intricate design. But be careful with the other surfaces in the bathroom. So, keeping walls & floors simple in small bathrooms and defining points of contrast will make it look more spacious.

Note: While remodeling your tiny bathroom, we suggest you go in with your taste and ideas that reflect your own style rather than being a stereotype of any popular interior designer. If you want to know more briefly, then be in touch with us The Miami Floors – Residential Remodeling Contractors.


What Questions to Answer Before Bathroom Remodeling in Miami

Planning bathroom remodeling in Miami? Whether you have a beautiful small room or a master en-suite, functionality is the heart of any bathroom. This is because your bathroom is one of the most often used spaces in your house. It simply means that it has to be both eye-pleasing and functional. Renovating this particular room will not only make it more functional, but it also provides you with an excellent return on investment. However, before you start, there are certain things that you need to know:

What’s your budget?

It’s probably a great idea to sit down and plan a budget because there’s no point in planning something you can’t afford. Everyone has a budget and planning accordingly will help you get the best out of your investment.

Are there any hidden problems?

There’s no such project that does not have any problems such as water damage, structural deficiencies, etc. Be careful and check for any hidden problems that may affect bathroom remodeling and allocate part of your budget to address those problems.

How much space you have to work with?

A more spacious bathroom tends to feel more functional and comfortable. However, it does not means that you cannot make a small place look and work better. All you will need is to know the accurate space and plan accordingly. The best way is to look for space-saver accessories.

How much storage do you need?

Storage is an imperative part of any bathroom because if you don’t have enough storage space, your bathroom is going to get cluttered. To make this room super-functional, know your requirement and consider smart storage solutions such as cabinets, built-in hooks, etc.

What type of lighting do you want?

Lighting is crucial for the bathroom as it improves both the aesthetical appeal and functionality of this room. Bright light fixtures placed on the right place will help you see what you’re doing close up. Consider recessed lights and include one or two in your shower to adjust the mood.

What are your future plans?

Much of what you decide today will have an impact on your future. So, take into consideration your future requirements before starting with bathroom remodeling in Miami. If you plan on staying in the home for more than a decade, build a customized bathroom.

Are you prepared for the inconvenience?

All renovation projects come with a little inconvenience as you are not able to use all or some features of your bathroom. To avoid any such inconvenience, you need to be prepared and find alternative bathrooms outside if you only have one.

Do you think of the environment?

It will be great to consider the impact of remodeling on the environment and that’s why experts recommend using eco-friendly products and ways. There are a lot of eco-friendly fixtures available these days that may be cost more initially but will help you save a lot in the future.

Do you need professional advice?

Bathroom renovation is not an easy task because it involves a lot of challenging tasks such as plumbing, lighting, flooring, fittings and more. So yes, you need to see top bathroom remodeling contractors in Miami and take a good piece of advice.


The answer to some simple questions before you start with bathroom remodeling in Miami can make the entire process an enjoyable one. All you need to do is to sit back, do a little brainstorming, and pen down all questions related to your project. Apart from the above-mentioned questions, you can consider anything that comes to your mind.

Planning is the key to success!

Bathroom Remodeling in Miami – Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

We all want a bathroom that would be the reflection of our style without compromising the comfort. We all look for the best of fixtures and amenities for our bathroom because we look forward to both value and comfort. But how’s this possible? How can you make an amazing bathroom renovation? How can you get the bathroom of your dreams? Fortunately, there are many ways to achieve your goal.

If you’re planning bathroom remodeling in Miami, all you need is careful planning and choosing the right design. To make it an easy breeze for you, here are a few tips:

  • Start With A Plan – It’s always good to start with a plan because you should know the way where you want to go. Having a plan will assure you that your design and budget are realistic. Even when you’re working with a professional, try to have a path to get to your goal. Also, having a goal will save you a lot of time, effort, and money.  
  • Choose a Layout – Well, you must be thinking that what’s new in a bathroom’s layout? All of them have a sink, toilet seat, bathtub, and cabinet. Nowadays, bathrooms are not limited to just these four things, there’s more to it. You have endless options these days which also includes the decorative items to make this place as lively as possible.
  • Custom Design – If you’re a kind of person who likes everything stylish and unique, the customized bathroom is the right choice for you. Just like your other rooms, you can get your bathroom personalized as per your unique needs, style, and budget. You’ll be happy to know that there are so many options out there to choose from.
  • Unique Lighting – Lighting plays a crucial role when you think of bathroom remodeling in Miami. It can either make your break the entire design and that’s why utmost care is required. Go for well-designed vanity lighting that eliminates the shadows on faces. It’s also a good idea to choose a combination of LED recessed lights with wall sconces.
  • Proper Ventilation – Bathroom and ventilation g hand in hand because when we talk about this place, we can’t ignore the need for ventilation. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners tend to neglect this aspect. Always remember, your bathroom project lasts for years to come and improper ventilation may lead to mold and mildew.
  • Fan & Timer – When you’re planning the renovation to create an ideal bathroom, don’t neglect the importance of a fan and timer. A high-quality fan ensures optimum indoor air quality. Well, if you have a steam shower or low ceiling, don’t place the fan inside the shower. Get a fan with a timer so that it automatically turns off when you’re out.
  • Maximize the Space – Unleash your creativity and make the best use of the space because it’s the opportunity not a burden. If you have limited space and want to make it look larger, use glass doors for tubs and showers. Choose pedestal sinks and all cabinets and tower cabinets above the toilets. You can also have towel racks for that extra storage.
  • Keep Future in Mind – Bathroom remodeling in Miami is not a simple task, it requires your time, efforts, and money. Ensure that the value of your property would increase over time. Think of your future needs and get the bathroom designed in a way that you would really love. It should fit your current as well as future requirements.

Having a bathroom of your dreams can be a big challenge and that’s why you should seek professional help. Try to choose the best bathroom remodel contractors in Miami to get the job done by experts.