EDUCATION is #1.  It can’t be stressed enough the need for our flooring industry to be educated on every aspect of the trade especially on new large format tiles. CROSSVILLE INC located in Nashville Tennessee have a duty commitment in providing part of such education.

    in 2010 the Miami Floors, Baths & Veneers and some of its team members were fortunate to be part of one of the first LAMINAM presentations hosted at D&B tile Distributor at DORAL FL.  AT the event we had the pleasure meet Robert Sukenik , regional LAMINAM rep and co worker ????? . Which later down the line were going to become guides and mentors for our growth.

    Later that  year we were invited to a more in depth orientation on  LAMINAM installation at CROSSVILLE PLANT.  There we were given a recount of how LAMINAM was first created and how much of a positive impact it has been for today’s Tiles industry.

    But more than teaching us the origin of LAMINAM we were meticulously trained on tools required,  how to handle it, how to cut it, wich setting materials are approved by them, the materials work time, and a very elaborated installation procedure.

    On 2013 The Miami Floors, Bath & Veneers was awarded with a very ambitious project in the city of WESTON of approximate 17,000 sf of LAMINAM installation.  Since at the moment Crossville had discovered and put together some more new efficient installation techniques and tools, we were given the opportunity to re-assist at their trainings and get re-trained on their new discoveries. The education and the knowledge received at the LAMINAM installation training was priceless. It has definitely been the keystone to our success. BUT EVERYTHING STARTS WITH EDUCATION


    What’s better than to honor our veterans on a place, monument or wall that is highly visited by manys daily?  That  exactly what the Miami International Airport did at one of its gates.

    In conjunction with over a thousand square feet of absolute black marble slabs, ⅓ of the walls were decorated with night black LAMINAM panells. This job was delivered over night to accommodate for the high airport traffic.

    Due to the size, color and position of the installation next to a floor to ceiling window;  grout joints were installed at ⅛ of an inch and filled with soft one component  grout from Custom building Products PRO FUSION.Each grout line surrounding each LAMINAM acts as a soft, expansion and contraction joint.   The concept behind that application is to leave room for thermal expansion and contraction.

    This Wall honoring Veterans of our nation’s wars is located at the Miami International airport gate number ????. Plaques with the Veterans names were placed over the Laminam and marble slabs. They are there for everyone to look at and remember our Nation’s Heroes. And The Miami Floors, Bath & Veneers will be always feel honored to have been part of our Heroes Wall Of Honor.


    Just a little after  The Miami Floors, Bath & Veneers had completed its very first few LAMINAM  installation jobs; we were honored with a call from  CROSSVILLE asking us if we could do a live taining installation demonstration at  D&B TILE of  DORAL for local contractors and related trades. We did not hesitated to say yes

      Cameras were set from every angle possible and streamed  worldwide for many others spectators to watch. But also many local contractors were present at the store doing hands on training. The training took place  at D&B Store at Doral as an actual installation display that could now be appreciated by  many customers as the walk into the store.

      The featured Laminam were the 3+ and 5.6 millimeter paneles. During the installation demonstration  we highlighted important issues as substrate preparation, Thinset consistency , workable time, proper installation method, tools required and what a LAMINAM installer must not do.

    Now days CROSSVILLE offers a very intensive 2 day training seminar at their pant in Crossville Tennessee to all contractors who would like to get certified. Since LAMinam was launched in the United States it has  been well accepted within all our architects and designers; for which Crossville is making a major effort to spread and educate superb installation techniques. US as a leading Pioneers on this unique and exclusive installation method we will continue our service and interest in teaching those who are interested in learning. Always remember Knowledge is Power


    Every once in awhile you get one of those clients that they just want the best, the different, and the expensive. One of those customers is Mr. Mohamed. We were recommended to Mr. Mohamed by an old client of us. Originally he hired us to install over 2000 sf of 36×36  porcelain tile on his two story home. Upon completion he asked us if we could also help him with the installation of his 3 bathrooms wall tile.

    Our Designer stepped in and guided him with the bathrooms designs. He liked our proposal; so we created beautiful bathrooms for him including his glass enclosures.

    But when it was time to go again, he showed us a wall accent that was behind the stairs and asked us if we knew anybody who could do  polish concrete on the wall.  That’s when it kicked in. We had recently went to our first  LAMINAM training at Crossville. Therefore; we proposed him to try this huge, unique, and a bit expensive porcelain panel.

    We navigated him over Crossville LAMINAM website and showed him the unnumbered colors and texture LAMINAM panels have. With our help, he ended up selecting a concrete looking like LAMINAM. A couple of weeks later, the tile arrived, and our very first LAMINAM project was now a fact. All materials were delivered by D&B in the proper fashion.  Latecrete 254 was our thinset of choice along with 4 mm Schluters Profiles. After roughly a week, our first 400 sf LAMINAM job was completed. The beauty and modern sleek look of the project was immeasurable. From that day on, we believed that LAMINAM by Crossville and THE MIAMI FLOORS, BATH & VENEERS were bonded forever.


    ” I have this really thin tile, I need you to cut it and install it for me at my hotel’s lobby.. Can you do that ?

    Those were Mr. Patel’s words the day he reached out to us looking for help with his LAMINAM installation at his recently built beautifully hotel Home 2 Suit by HILTON.

    Next morning we meet with Mr. Patel. The installation was fairly easy but presented a challenge. His designer had specified  an installation of a LAMIANAM size of 18 x 39.5,  but the smallest LAMIANM panel size Crossville sales is 39.5 x 39.5 unless you ask Crossville to pre cut them for you. Therefore it was our duty to do the cutting.

    For the task we created custom tool so we could cut each and every panel precisely in half each time without  or minimal mistake.  We named this tool LAMINAM WORK STATIOM. After all the LAMINAM cuts, we could say the  installation went very smooth and satisfactory for Mr. Patel. He even said to us we were the best tile installers that worked at his Hotel.


    First commercial job

    In 2013 The Miami International Airport  Hotel was doing a total remodel of their outdated  hotel lobby with Crossville porcelain panels Laminam. Several Flooring tile installer companies had been reached out but none had ever worked with thin LAMINAM panels.  As an attempt to find  a qualified contractor for the job, Alberto Calderin, former project manager on site, called  D&B Tile and Crossville inc for help with an installer. Both companies recommended him to get  in contact with THE MIAMI FLOORS, BATH & VENNERS

    At the time our company had only  done one  residential LAMINAM job and had been at Crossville  LAMINAM seminar;  but  to us this was our first commercial LAMINAM  installation and we had been recommended by D&B Tile and Crossville itself..therefore  FAILEUR WAS NOT AN OPTION

    Due to the extra needed handling care required for the LAMINAM installation and the high airport traffic, it was decided that approaching  the installation over night was the best to maximize results and quality. It was a very technical installation and very high end setting materials were used, like Latapoxy 300 which was crucial for the installation of LAMINAM over two metal doors while the product working time was quite short.

    The installation was a total success, There are  even rumors that the Miami Herald wrote an article about it. But even if it didn’t the proof a beautiful optimal installation seats still at the lobby of the Miami international airport  hotel.


    When the city of Weston Florida wanted to upgrade their 30 public bathrooms to a total new  modern  21st century look re-modelation ; they just couldn’t afford another typical ceramic or porcelain installation. The City wanted high end gorgeous bathrooms, appealing to the community, but  The challenges of having over several thousands visitors per day forced them to look into a complete different direction of conventional tile surface covering. The need was for a stylish,  superior and tough tile capable of outstand the wear of their park high demand.

    The firm of Saltz Michelson Architects was reached by the City of Weston and they immediately proposed the city the possibility of using a new innovative porcelain panels called LAMINAM . Even though the concept of this panels was fairly new to U.S. the city for seed the properties of  the LAMINAM PANELS and adopted the idea.

    The WESTOM PARKS BATHROOMS RENOVATION PROJECT was bided out and awarded to Bejar Construction witch shortly hired us THE MIAMI FLOORS, BATH & VENEERS to be the designated tile contractor to take over such meticulous installation.

    The  job took over a year to complete 30 bathrooms in all of the Public City’s Parks. A 25 year full system warranty by LATICRETE was used to waterproof, float, and set the Laminam Panels along with the 24×24 inch porcelain tile.

    A total of 17 ,OOO square feet of Laminam Panels, 17,000 linear feet of Schluter profiles and 10.000 square feet of floor porcelain tile 24×24,  completed this beautiful installation, which is serving as a model for other municipalities to follow.

    • Suficient Tile
    • Manufacturer’s recommended tile adhesive
    • Grout
    • Measuring tape
    • Pensil
    • Trowel
    • Margin trowel
    • Buckets
    • Sponges
    • Tile

    • Thinset

    • Grout

    • Sealer

    • Densshield  (durock)

    • Mesh tape

    • Water proof screws

    • 2×4 lumber